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Best Comforter Sets - Buy the Top Rated Comforters Online

Updated on March 16, 2011

Comforter Sets Buy Quality Comforters Online

Selecting a comforter set is not as easy as picking out the colors and patterns you like an throwing it on the bed… unless of course it’s just a guest bed and all you want is the aesthetics.  Meshing function with fashion is the real key to a comforter that you’ll truly enjoy.  As such there are a few considerations before buying the first comforter set that pleases your eye.

What You Need to Know about Comforter Sets

Down and Feathers are NOT the same.  Many manufacturers advertising “Down Comforters” are actually advertising blends that include feathers.  Down is the fluffy cluster that is located underneath the feathers.  Feathers have quils that are pointy and uncomfortable, even small quills. If you want the ultimate comfort you want sanitized 100% down.

Down comes from a number of birds including ducks.  The most common form of Down is White Goose Down and the Geese are cultivate for this purpose.

What is Fill Power?

The insulation quality of down is measured by a term called “Fill Power”.  Fill Power is the amount of space occupied by one ounce of down.  The higher the fill power the more space it occupies.  High fill power gives a product more loft and more insulation. Fill power is tested by placing and ounce of down in a container then mixing it.  The down is then compressed and left untouched for 24 hours at which time the loft is measured.

700 plus is extremely high quality, 600-700 is excellent quality, and 525 is average quality.

Comforter Stitching is Very Important in Over the Long Haul

The way your comforter is stitched will determine in part how effective your new comforter set is in maintaining loft by preventing the down from shifting.  A Box stitch is the most common stitch and simply surrounds the down or synthetic fill in a pattern of squares.  Smaller tighter stitched box patterns are more effective than large box patterns.

Baffle box construction uses fabric perpendicular ot the top and bottom of the material.  Baffle walls enable down to expand fully for it’s highest depth and increases the strength of the bedding.

What about Thread Count?

Thread count is the total threads which run vertically and horizontally in a square inch of fabric.  Higher thread count is a general indicator of quality and gives the material increased softness.  However there is a point at which the value of thread count is decreased because of decreased durability.  They material used and the weave of the fabric is also important.  For example a Sateen weave goes over two threads then under one thread then repeats creating a softer material given the same number of threads per inch.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic blend fill is the right choice if you are looking for less expense, choose not to use a Duvet Cover or will need to be laundering the cover itself.  Any Down Comforter Set can be purchased without regard to the look if you choose a stylish Duvet.  Many comforter sets will be 100% cotton on the covering but contain synthetic fills. You need to decide what works for you. If you want 100% cotton covered down make sure you read the label as it’s very common for manufacturers to advertise the covering and not the fill material.

Highest Rated Comforter Sets You can Buy Online

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Quality Affordable Comforter Sets Online - Getting it right - simple tips before you buy.
Quality Affordable Comforter Sets Online - Getting it right - simple tips before you buy.


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  • ethel smith profile image

    Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

    Love my comforter. They are so snuggly in winter