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Commercial Convection Ovens

Updated on May 5, 2010

What is a Commercial Convection Oven

Commercial Convection Ovens are like other convection ovens but are large enough to support cooking for large groups of people or for the sale of large amounts of food. 

Convection ovens are ovens that include a fan that helps circulate the air inside the oven.  These fans are often placed in a separate enclosure to ensure that the fans don't over heat by the high temperatures in the oven.  

The interesting aspect of convection ovens is that they often cook at lower temperatures than most ovens but push more heat around the foot that is being cooked so that it is completely cooked in a faster time.  The movement of air around the food allows for even cooking and delicious meals. 

The reason that food is cooked more quickly with convection ovens is that the air moved by the fan strips away the air insulating the food.  This air is often colder and kept around the food by the stale air in a normal oven.  

Commercial Convection Oven
Commercial Convection Oven

What Temperature Do Commercial Convection Ovens Cook At?

Commercial convection ovens often cook at lower temperatures than normal ovens.  On average a cook will reduce the temperature called for in a recipe by 50 degrees Fahrenheit while cooking with a commercial convection oven.  

In addition to lowering temperatures and decreasing the time to cook food in a Convection oven, there are a number of recipes available to individuals who cook with commercial or home convection ovens.  Following convection oven recipes is an excellent way to get optimal results when cooking food for larger groups or for commercial meals.  

The size of the meals cooked will also impact the temperatures used with Commercial Convection Ovens.  Like all ovens, the larger the size of the food being cooked, the more time it may take to cook correctly.  

Cooking Pizza With Convection Ovens

Another type of commercial convection oven is the type used to cook Pizzas at places like Dominoes and Pizza Hut as well as other pizza places around the world. The Commercial Impingement oven  pushes high temperatures and air from above and below the food being cooked.

These types of ovens often cook food at much higher temperatures than the traditional commercial convection oven.  You'll often notice in PIzza Kitchens that these ovens have a conveyer belt like function that slowly moves the food through the convection oven. 

Other ovens used to cook pizza include Wood and Brick ovens.  These types of ovens also cook the pizza at high temperatures, even exceeding 700 degrees fahrenheit.  

Buying a Convection Oven

There are a number of different types of convection ovens available for commercial purposes but they can often be expensive.  Depending on your needs, a viable option for purchasing a convection oven is to find a used commercial one.  

Used Convection Ovens are being made available more and more, especially during a poor economy where business owners and commercial startups are looking for ways to save costs.   Used commercial convection ovens can be found with many online retailers as well as through places such as ebay's business store.  

Double stack electrical convection ovens can be found for around $3000.  

What do I need to Do Before Buying?

Before purchasing a commercial convection oven be sure that you're prepared and accounted for in all ways to handle the ovens. Below is a handful of items you should be sure to look into before purchasing your oven:

  1. Check with city ordinances - be sure that the oven is allowed in the location you plan to use it.  City or county ordinances may not allow for the type of oven, or size of oven, then you're planning on purchasing.
  2. Do you need it?  - Sometimes individuals pick convection ovens even though they won't really need it for the type of cooking they're doing.  Be sure that a convection oven is a must have for your commercial needs. 
  3. Check Sizes - Be sure that the oven you're going to purchase will fit in your kitchen and where you want to do your cooking.  If you kitchen can't accommodate a large convection oven, don't purchase one. 
  4. Research the Warranties - Warranties will come in handy if your convection oven has trouble.  Be sure you're covered as you may never know when you need it.  


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