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Commercial Ovens

Updated on October 24, 2011
Commercial Oven
Commercial Oven
Another Commercial Oven
Another Commercial Oven

About Commercial Ovens

In this day and age where health is a big concern the majority of people would rather oven cook their food rather than either using a fryer or cooking on the gas. Many things which used to be cooked by frying are now oven cooked including meat, chips and vegetables. It is for this reason that a good quality commercial oven is a necessity in which many things can be cooked. In addition to saving money you can also purchase a Commercial oven with built in grill and microwave facilities. When buying your commercial oven it is important to refer to high quality brands as these are not only better quality but will be far more sustainable in the long run. Good names of suppliers for Commercial Ovens include Lincat, Parry and Combi ovens to name a few.

There is such a great variety of ovens to purchase including 4,6,8 and 10 burner ovens which although they vary in burner numbers they have many heavy duty similarities. These ovens are heavy duty cast iron supports which usually contain removable cast iron pan supports with a easy clean top. Moreover they contain a heavy duty worktop with a beautifully stainless steel finish on the front panel. In addition these ovens contain Gas hoses which connect underneath to allow flush fit to rear wall which will also allow more space in your kitchen. Other useful information about these ovens include the top oven temperature is around 270°C with the net weight of the oven is about 80kg.

Another great type of Commercial oven to cook on is the Tandoori oven. This oven is brilliant and probably the number one Commercial oven when it comes to cooking any type of meat. These ovens are designed to produce very high, dry heat. At these high temperatures, foods such as chicken, beef, fish, lamb and pitta breads are cooked to perfection. In addition the Tandoori is great for bakery, restaurant and domestic requirements. They are extremely easy to use and operate with maintenance easy. Due to the way the lava stones are place over the heat source this provides a beautiful authentic charcoal broiled flavour with the pots made from clay to keep in all thermal resistance. The operation costs of the oven are also extremely low due to efficient insulation and the heavy duty swivel castors keep the oven in good condition. Furthermore to look at the oven is stylish yet authentic and come with a stainless steel lid.

A very popular choice of Commercial oven in these modern times is the electric oven. The new electric oven is lightweight and saves a great amount of energy when cooking. It is Vitreous enamelled interior with radiused corners & removable side shelf supports for easy cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore the electric oven is able to support a suitably sized silverlink counter top unit and contains side opening doors with robust hinges. It weighs around 62kg and is probably the smallest commercial oven on the market.



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      Daniel Christian 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Thanks man


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