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Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on February 22, 2010

It is the American way to always want something bigger and better. With that in mind, more and more private consumers are looking to buy commercial vacuum cleaners for household use. If you think of a commercial vacuum cleaner, you assume that it is more powerful and will therefore do a better job at vacuuming your carpets. You would be correct. There are several advantages to using a commercial grade vacuum cleaner. This page will do a commercial vacuum cleaner comparison with the normal household vacuum cleaner and detail why the commercial or industrial machine is a better choice if you are serious about cleaning your carpets. If you use a commercial vacuum regularly, you might even be able to lessen your carpet shampoo rental budget.

Commercial vacuum cleaner manufacturers designed these machines with professional cleaning services in mind.  These individuals would be cleaning hundreds or even thousands of square feet of carpet every night.  They sheer volume of carpet means that the machine will take a beating beyond any residential vacuum cleaner.  That is why commercial vacuum cleaner parts are made of materials that are more durable than the average vacuum.  They are also designed to vacuum high traffic areas and areas that see a much larger amount of dirt than any household does.  In order to handle that amount of work, they have larger motors and as a result offer a stronger and more effectively cleaning.

The one down side to commercial vacuum cleaners for sale is that they are almost too large.  The big motor and wider head mean that they are heavier and harder to maneuver than the normal vacuum.  If you are looking to purchase a commercial vacuum machine then make sure that you try it out before hand to make sure that you will comfortably be able to move it around.  If there is not a floor model for you to try then make sure to read as many commercial vacuum cleaner reviews as possible to find out from other consumers if the machine is easy to use in the home.

The increased durability of the commercial vacuum cleaner means that the machine should last much longer than the normal household vacuum. In fact, some studies have shown that a commercial machine can withstand up to ten times the usage of a normal vacuum. That means that you will have many years of commercial vacuuming with your industrial vacuum cleaner. Another handy feature of most commercial vacuums is the fact that they have a very long power cord. You might think that is a small point, but think how great it would be to be able to vacuum an entire floor of your house, multiple rooms, without having to unplug and move the power cord from room to room. Commercial vacuums are designed so that a professional can vacuum a long hallway without having to move the power cord. Sometimes the power cords can be as long as 100 feet.

Still another advantage of the commercial vacuum cleaner is that they often come with many more attachments and options than a normal vacuum cleaner. Because a professional does not want to be carrying around multiple large pieces of equipment, the commercial vacuum cleaner is meant to clean a variety of floor surfaces. The vacuum will have settings for long, shaggy carpet, short Berber style carpets, and even hard floor surfaces like linoleum or hardwood. You could clean all the floors in your house without switching cleaning equipment. All you would need to do is push a button. The attachments can also be helpful. Commercial machines are designed with speed in mind so the attachments are easy to find, easy to attach, and quick to implement. You can switch from sweeping your carpets to cleaning your drapes with just a few simple movements.

You might be wondering where you can buy this marvelous carpet cleaning equipment.  Large stores like Sears or Target often sell household cleaning equipment as well as commercial machines.  You could buy your professional carpet cleaner at one of those stores and you might even get to try it out first.  Another good choice is Amazon.  You can have the best commercial vacuum cleaner shipped right to your home from Amazon.

However, there is one kind of commercial vacuum that is not readily available to the public.  This is the backpack commercial vacuum.  Since time is money in any business and especially in the professional cleaning business, commercial vacuum cleaner manufacturers are always looking for ways to increase cleaning speeds for their customers.  By moving the vacuum from an upright machine that you push to a backpack with a wand attached, you can speed up the vacuuming process so that it only takes you about 75% of the time to vacuum the same amount of carpet.  These commercial vacuums are battery powered and weigh approximately the same as a regular commercial vacuum.  You need to have a strong back to use this commercial vacuum cleaner.  Not having the cord to deal with and the ability to maneuver into small spaces make using the backpack commercial vacuum cleaner a much better vacuuming experience for the professional carpet cleaner.


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