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Buy Commercial-sized Greenhouses Online

Updated on December 3, 2012

Commercial-sized greenhouses are, space permitting, worth thinking of buying. You may have a 8 x 6 or a 12 x 8 greenhouse, but find you simply do not have enough room for all your plants plus all the tools you need to keep in your greenhouse for daily use, so here I am going to look at the much bigger, so-called 'commercial' greenhouses.

Plastic or glass. For comparison purposes, let's call polycarbonate 'glass'. Polycarbonate is superior to glass in that it is much harder to break and with UV protection, does not fade and dull.

commercial greenhouse
commercial greenhouse | Source


Plastic does not allow the full spectrum of the sun's rays through and so tends to be cooler in the summer and warmer in winter. Many polytunnels nowadays are built with a twin layer of plastic and they tend to be better insulated than the single layer plastic. Whilst types of plastics for greenhouses are improving, it is still the case that the plastic will need replacing every 2 years or so. However, it's attraction to commercial growers is still its cost, being a fraction of the price of a traditional glass greenhouse.

Plastic also tends to have higher humidity than glass greenhouses, and automatic ventilators in the roof aren't really an option. It is suggested that doors are installed at both ends to allow the free flow of air on warmer days, and a warm fan installed for cooler days.

Glass - polycarbonate

Modern commercial glass greenhouses are attractive structures. They come in kit from that can be constructed in less than a day, and can also be added to when the grower needs more space.

Greenhouses are more than just a place for plants, they can become almost an extension to the house, somewhere you will be warm and dry on wet/windy days while you while away the hours planting and potting things up, or take a relaxing chair inside, sit back and enjoy the ambience.

Greenhouses can be:

  • unheated

Unheated greenhouses should not fall below 4C, and have a longer growing season than you would have outdoors. You can produce seedlings several weeks earlier than normal, This can be accomplished by insulating with bubblewrap in winter. Spring flowering bulbs can be brought into season weeks earlier, and vegetables can be grown all year round. Many fruits do well in an unheated greenhouse, including strawberries, grapes, peaches and nectarines.

  • cool

The cool greenhouse should not fall below 7C. At this temperature, carnations can be grown all year round as well as a wide variety of other plants, vegetables and fruits. Ideally the cool greenhouse should be kept at 8 - 10C and this will require the installation of heaters during the coldest months.

  • hot

The hot greenhouse temperature should not fall below 10C (50F) opening up a world of exotic, tropical plants for the gardener to grow all-year round, as well as the traditional crops he would normally grow.

Bear in mind, however, that this heat does not come cheaply, and can be be proportionate to a doubling of your normal domestic bill.

With a winter temperature of around 12-16C, plants such as winter-flowering begonias, dracaenas, poinsettias and some ferns can all be grown with relative ease. Winter propagation is simple at this temperature, as is seed-raising.

While all greenhouses raise plants very well throughout spring and summer, it is in autumn that a heated greenhouse comes into its own.

It does not have the same problems with mold that the unheated greenhouses have, the heat dispersing any hint of botrytis, the disease that is the bane of the unheated, damp greenhouse in cold conditions, and the range of plants that can grow are amazing.

commercial greenhouse
commercial greenhouse | Source

Commercial greenhouses are ideal for not only commercial growers, but for those who love growing plants as a hobby.

Space permitting, commercial greenhouses will solve all your growing problems at once leaving you plenty of room to tend for all sorts of crops and plants.


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