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Common Roof Problems

Updated on December 6, 2010
Common Roof Problems
Common Roof Problems

When it comes to roof problems, what you don't know CAN hurt you. If you have owned your own home for any length of time, chances are that you have encountered some problems with your roof along the way. A failed roofing system can result in costly repairs, not only to fix the roof, but to repair any additional damage that may have occurred within the structure of your home. As a matter of fact, a homeowner may not even be aware of roof troubles until they spot visible evidence inside the home. It is important to periodically check your roof for damage or potential failures. Several common roof problems can be repaired with minimal cost if the homeowner is aware of them and either regularly inspects the roof or has it inspected by trusted roof experts on a regular basis.

Roofing Structure Problems

The most common problem that occurs in a roof structure is likely the first one that comes to mind - leaking. Moisture is your roof's worst enemy. Your roofing system protects your entire house from the elements. If the roof leaks or collects moisture, the interior of your home is sure to suffer. Faulty flashing is almost always the cause of household roof leaks. Improper installation is often the cause of flashing failure so it doesn't matter if your roof is old or new, the flashing seams need to be inspected regularly. Visual inspections made from both the top of the roof and under the roof (from the attic) can save the homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.

Nature vs Your Roof

Regardless of the roofing material on your home (shingles, shakes, tiles, etc.) it can become damaged. Nature is often the cause of these damages. Wind storms can loosen shingles and even strip them from the roof. Hail can be especially damaging to a tile or slate roof and may significantly damage roof vents. During a thaw, ice dams are a real problem. Tree limbs resting on a roof should be cut away to avoid pulling up shingles or shakes and can also be a source of mold or mildew. Nearby trees also allow animals access to your roof and they too, can wreak havoc with your roofing materials. And don't forget the effects of the sun's harmful rays. Take a walk around your home at least a couple times a year, looking for loose or missing shingles or curled tiles and note any visible changes. It may be worth your time and money to call a DALLAS ROOFING professional after a significant storm to check for hail or other storm-related damage. Missing or damaged shingles, shakes or tiles that are replaced immediately may prevent further loss of roofing material.

Deterioration Caused by a Roof's Age

Deterioration due to aging is also a major cause of roof replacement. Every roof has a lifespan that depends largely on the material. Shingle roofing will likely last 15-25 years. With proper maintenance, the lifespan of a shake roof may extend to up to 20 years. Properly installed roofs made from solid materials like clay, tile, slate or steel can last 50 years or more. When it's time to replace your roof, be sure to hire qualified ROOF EXPERTS to do the work.

Knowing your roof through annual inspections is the best way to prevent unnecessary repairs. As a homeowner, being aware of common roofing problems goes a long way in keeping money in your pocket.

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