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Compact Hobby Furniture For Small Apartments | Senior Retirement and Assisted Living centers

Updated on August 19, 2012

If you or someone you know enjoys a particular hobby but must live in small spaces or apartments this quality Amish made furniture may be the ticket to enjoy li

Having to downsize or live in small spaces is not an easy move especially for senior citizens who have enjoyed the freedom and space for lifelong hobbies.

Most senior citizen and assisted living apartments are small studio sized with very limited space for furniture. Add one spouse needing to use a wheel chair or walker the useable floor space becomes very premium.

Moving from a spacious home into a small one or two bedroom senior living apartment is a struggle enough with the loss of independence, but also having to give up cherished furniture pieces and a favorite active hobby can quickly turn to depression.

Compact multi use furniture built by the Amish resembles furniture that seniors grew up with and easily relate to.

Combine this with a favorite hobby like sewing, collecting, stamping or scrapping booking a senior can still enjoy their hobby even in these small spaces.

For those who are not yet seniors but are forced to live in small spaces for economics or work commute this multi use furniture also has many benefits.

A new expandable sewing and crafts center takes up only 48” X 23” deep floor space yet it packs the storage and organization space of a closet.

The crafts center cabinet also has a pull out table extending from as little as 19” on out to 77” providing a full work table to lay out clothing patterns, quilt squares, pictures, and other hobby or scrap booking items.

The craft center cabinet can be custom built in a variety of hardwoods for other hobby needs.

This cabinet is also perfect for artist, decorators and at home workers who need to have a work table and corkboard space to lay out and organize projects.

Probably one of the most functional and multi use furniture items for small space apartments is the folding ironing board-step stool- chair, which is also known as the Jefferson Chair, Bachelor Chair, or Onit.

It only requires 13-1/2” X 21” of floor space but provides a small step stool, ironing board, and an extra chair for when the grandkids or other company comes to visit.

An oak lap top desk is the perfect item for those who need to spend time in bed, but still want to be productive.

The adjustable top provides a perfect area for writing cards and letters, or reading and using an electronic device. The side drawer helps keep writing material handy. The lap desk also doubles as a meal tray top.

For those who like to still sewing an Amish made sewing machine cabinet will organize the sewing notions and store the sewing machine for easy use. When not in use the cabinet takes up as little as 38” x 19” of floor space.

For those who enjoy quilting and needle point the compact quilters stand measures 28” wide X 20” deep. It provides a large work area to stretch out the fabric, with adjustable height and tilt, and a built in foot rest for hours of enjoyment.

A custom old time roll top desk is perfect for small spaces, it can be custom built to special size spaces, and even to house computer equipment.

The advantage of having the roll top is the ability to cover up the desk top when it is not in use, making it a nice piece of furniture for even a small corner of a living room.

Roll top desk have all the small letter racks and drawers to keep letters, bills, and office supplies organized.

These high quality Amish crafted roll top desk will help replace other furniture that may have been given up in the move. It is also still a nice piece to pass on to family members to become an heirloom.

Photos and information courtesy of Cottage Craft Works .com


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