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Planting Companions for Tomatoes in Containers

Updated on March 9, 2010

Growing tomatoes in containers is easy. Finding the right companions to grow with your tomatoes can turn your container planting into a work of beauty, or a temptation for the taste buds. By choosing the right companions, you can have the unbeatable flavor of vine-ripened tomatoes with herbs in an attractive container garden. Plant the tomato plant in the center of the container and let the companion plants compliment or contrast around it.

Salad in a Pot

Create a ready to pick salad by planting the aromatic leaves and colorful flowers of a sage; the fuzzy, subtle scented leaves of a sweet marjoram; the colorful, sunset accents of 4 nasturtiums with their vibrant, edible flowers; the lush foliage of an Italian parsley plant; and a flavorful sweet basil in the same pot with patio tomatoes. This combination will provide a bountiful and continuous summer harvest on a sunny deck, patio or terrace, or just off the kitchen for easy access.

A Patio Rainbow

Red tomatoes take center stage, surrounded by gold, white, and purple blooms and lush, green foliage make a burst of rainbow colors that last all season long when you plant your tomato in the same container with 2 basils; 3 Italian parsleys; 2 sweet Alysiums; 2 Lobelias; and 6 marigolds.

The Perfect Tomato Trio

Basil and tomatoes have complimentary flavors and are perfect companions in the garden, as well as in the kitchen. In addition to complimenting tomatoes, basil repels tomato hornworms. Accent the green leaves of basils and vibrant, red of the tomatoes with the bright, white blooms of Shasta daisies for a simple, but stunning color combination. A tomato plant, 3 basils and 3 Shasta daisies make a wonderful container planting.

A Tumble of Tomatoes

Contrast the sprawl of a cascading variety of tomato with upright, gold of 4 Marigolds, while the red center of a Vinca vine echos the vegetable’s crimson hues to accent the lush green foliages that is increased with that of 2 parsleys and 2 basil.



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