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Compare Radiant Floor Heating to Get the Best Price

Updated on October 17, 2015

No more stepping out of the shower onto a cold floor.

The bathroom is the most common place in the house to find the heated floors.
The bathroom is the most common place in the house to find the heated floors.

Customer reviews are priceless

Radiant floor reviews provide actual user experiences with different heating systems, the costs, the companies, likes, dislikes and any obstacles overcame or experienced with installation of the radiant floor. Online customer reviews are priceless for making a purchase of this magnitude.

Credibility for a lot of companies is also determined with examination of customer opinions. A company could possibly look competent, but have a lot of negative reviews from customers.

More than a few thoughts on the installation of a radiant floor heating system in any home

Money is a concern for countless people. Homeowners are not an exception. In point of fact, this is a group of people who watch pennies more than other groups. The average home owner is investing any extra dollars back into a home to increase the equity. A growing equity converts to a more prosperous outcome on the original investment.

A sure way of gaining a remarkable return on monies spent is making any home look better. This is typically done by way of up grades to existing things such as a roof, painting and even replacing floors. Not only is a benefit gained from the existing owner, but when it is time to sell it attracts more buyers.

Killing two birds with one stone is possible. Not only is it more attractive, but there is an appeal to pay less for heating or cooling bills.

Why do it

Everything wears out. Normal wear and tear on any residence results in replacement of countless items. Generally most people attempt to do this before it is too late. The best time is when money is on hand to get the job done.

Those extra dollars are well spent installing something which kills too birds with one stone. Radiant floor heating is able to not only make the walking space feel and look wonderful, it also saves on heating bills.

Analyze the difference

Every house, person and even family is different. This makes needs and desires unique and diverse. Investigating more than one option or way of getting a job done is wonderful. Doing a thorough examination of facts and figures before a final decision characteristically means money is better spent.

Ensure the pros and cons of various circumstances are taken into account. Having this info on hand makes and easier decision in the end. Find out more about all of the kinds of flooring available as well as the cost to cover the floor plan option. It is a great idea to do the research before putting radiant floor heating in any room.

What is it?

Radiant heating systems are designed to provide heat for a home in a new and unique way. The temperature is determined via infrared radiation through the floor. Homeowners interested in installing radiant floor heating would do well to start down this particular road by comparing what the marketplace offers. This is an innovative vehicle for cooling and warming rooms inside of a home.

Not comparing the pricing of radiant floor heating systems has the capacity to leave a property owner with an overpriced and inefficient product. This fails to provide them what they paid for. There are several processes to follow which are capable of adequately comparing a variety of choices retailers offer customers.

Research different types of radiant floors in the marketplace

Retailers are giving customers a boat load of choices. They differ with the source of heat, how the floor is put in as well as the product covering after installation. There are a number of online resources private homes and business with material detailing the product. Some even offer personal contact with specialists with more educational information about radiant flooring.

The majority put in are one of three different kinds. This is a brief overview of the three choices.

How the floor is heated


The temperature is set by one of three sources. Electrical, hydronic or air are all sources. The electrical and air are self explanatory. The most unique of the three is hydronic. This is becoming extremely attractive with the country's desire to become more green. It uses water to control how hot or cold an area is.

The cost does vary depending on which one is chosen. Air is the least expensive with hydronic being the most expensive. The majority of manufacturers outline any exceptions to installation. This is another resource to use in deciding which way to go.


There are two basic ways to install radiant floors. Either embedding heating cables below the floor in concrete or using mats with electric cables above or below the floor. This is certainly a job which is capable of being completed by the homeowner. Some will choose to use a professional installer.

Both are fairly big projects and are ideal for the weekend warrior. The average person might face some difficulty getting the task completed. Compare pricing for professional install. One of the biggest attractions to go with a professional is a guarantee for the work.

Floor covering

After installation of a radiant floor a floor covering to go on top of it must be selected. The second floor is the one everyone sees and where everyone will walk. Basically there are two floors put in.

The heating source is one half of a whole. Typically one of three fit nicely together. Though any room is ideal for the concept, the bathroom is generally where to find these. Bathrooms are where cold air is noticed the most. Though, kitchens or other areas of the home are also okay for the concept.

Choices for top flooring include linoleum, vinyl or ceramic tiles. Carpet is not something which works well without one of these three in between it and the radiant heat source. This means going with carpet means at least four floors. Under the carpet is the padding. The carpet is installed, the linoleum/vinyl/ceramic is put down and under this is the radiant source.

Cost of the service

Costs for a radiant floor installation varies a great deal based on the source of heat, how it is installed and the product on top of the heating source. Additionally, the square footage area and even what type of building it is located inside of are factors. All of these factors are considered by a property owner is deciding the cost of a heated floor.

Visiting with professionals via telephone or face to face to ask questions is a wonderful avenue to follow. These help find the best pricing, especially if there is a budget to remain inside of.

Doing online research helps to ask more focused questions for a homeowner’s specific situation. Another positive use of this kind of contact is better understanding of the responses or answers a radiant floor expert gives back during any discussions.

A number of homeowners admitted a request for a price match after comparison from different retailers. A great idea if possible is waiting for a source with a sale or special in place for installation and or supplies. Waiting a month or two makes it possible to save hundreds of dollars with some companies.Take the time to shop around. Most situations are not emergencies with this type of home adjustment.

Examine radiant floor heating reviews

There are a number of online reviews are extremely useful for customers seeking out these types of systems. They are provided by homeowners who have purchased various types and kinds of in floor heating systems. Most are honest about the experience, benefits and even disadvantages which came their way..

In conclusion

Some homeowners jump at anything new and improved. In fact, this is how lots get in hot water and throw away thousands of dollars and equity in a home. This happens to be an innovative idea which has really taken off and is here to stay.

Not only have personal homes been installed with these kinds of temperature control items, but big businesses have also invested. The business client admits the biggest attraction was going green. The second most appealing prospect was reduced heating and cooling bills.

This being said, if a multi million dollar company is putting one in a 25 floor building downtown, it doesnt hurt the little guy to take a look. This is a great way to do the environment good, put more money in the equity of a home and keep cool and warm at a reduced cost.

Compare the entire process of radiant floor heating to get the best price for the money when having this remarkable item installed in any home.

This type of floor is possible under a hardwood floor covering.
This type of floor is possible under a hardwood floor covering.


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