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Compost Bin Reviews - Compost Tumbler Review - Compost Barrel

Updated on October 6, 2009

There are a number of commercially available compost bins which take most of the work associated with mixing and turning your compost batch. I have reviewed 3 solutions below with the hope that one of them might appeal to your unique needs and help encourage you to consider composting.

Mixing compost is one of the most tedious and might I add strenuous tasks associated with backyard composting. Some might consider it good exercise and an added benefit of composting; while others might see it as enough to cause them to reconsider their desire to compost.

 The first solution I will review is the Envirocycle Composter.

This composting solution is actually a large compost bin that sits on top of a base that doubles as a “compost tea” collector.  As your compost batch “cooks” you will have moisture which runs off the compost.  This moisture gets collected in the base and can be used as “liquid fertilizer”.  This liquid is highly prized by many gardeners for it’s beneficial properties for a variety of uses in the garden, yard and household flowers.  The Envirocycle Composter has a 7 cubic foot capacity and can easily be rolled off the base and rolled over to the location where you want to use the compost.  No need to remove the product from the actual compost bin until you actually use the compost.

The second solution is the Achla Spinning Horizontal Composter.

This compost bin solution features a cross bar that holds the actual compost barrel off the ground. This allows the barrel to be spun where it stands and also serves to break up and aerate the compost batch as it spins. It also features internal ridges to assist in aerating and breaking up the compost as it spins. The Achla Composter has a 7 cubic foot capacity. To unload the compost bin simply pull back the door and roll the barrel over to allow compost to spill out into a waiting wheel barrow or garden cart. The Achla is made of 100% recycled plastic.

Here’s a highly positive review for this composting solution:

  • I bought a composting bin a number of years ago, completely oblivious to what is involved in composting. Toss stuff in and it "magically" turns to compost. Wrong! Compost has to be turned, I later learned. So the bin was emptied and has been sitting in my backyard for quite some time as it does not facilitate easily turning the compost (or turning it at all for that matter). I came across turning, tumbling, and spinning composters and selected this one. I transferred the stuff I had been tossing in a trash can (in hopes of the "magic" happening) into this composter. Wow! One week later, and it looks and smells wonderful! It still has a ways to go, and I still have more learning to do on the subject, but this composter has made the job very easy--almost not a "job" at all! I will more than likely continue composting for years to come because this composter makes it so simple and clean.

 The final solution reviewed here is the Tumbleweed Composter.  The Tumbleweed compost bin solution is also a rack mounted compost tumbler style solution with a vertically mounted rather than a horizontally mounted barrel.

The Tumbleweed Composter is advertised to have an 8 cubic foot capacity and is the largest of the 3 reviewed here.  The unit has a removable lid on both ends making it easy to add compost materials to it regardless of which end is up or down.  Depending upon the reviewer, I’ve seen some reference to it being a little difficult for a smaller size adult to turn over,… but another reviewer said that his 6 year old son was able “to muscle it over”.


If I were going to purchase a unit, I would likely select the Tumbleweed tumbler.  I have a wheel barrow to haul completed compost away with, so moving the unit wouldn’t be an issue.  Both the Achla and Tumbleweed have this issue.  The key reason I would select the Tumbleweed is the capacity at this price point.  The second reason is that I like the ability to spin and mix the product in place rather than rolling the unit off across the yard.


My hope is that I’ve provided you with some useful reviews of 3 very viable commercial compost bins.  With prices between $120 and $180 each of these seems like a reasonable commercial solution for composting in an urban environment with relatively limited space. 

Comments: Please let me know if you found this review helpful or not.

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    • dprice99 profile image

      dprice99 4 years ago from Phoenix Arizona

      richaloe - glad that you found the information helpful!

    • richaloe profile image

      richaloe 4 years ago from Oxford UK

      Having never used a tumbler, I find this hub really interesting. Thank you

    • profile image

      wrcompos 6 years ago

      I like all the different types of tumblers that helps you make compost.