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Knowing your Composting Equipment Options

Updated on January 9, 2011

You can never start working on something without even knowing what you will need.  It will always be impossible for you to finish a work particularly vermiconmposting without your weapons – your composting equipments.

Worm composting is of course not just about soil and composting worms.  There are certain things that need consideration.  When you are planning to start this at home, you must be prepared unless you want to waste your effort.

Composting Materials

Composting equipment especially those that are only for home composting are really not that expensive.  The most important thing that you should have of course is the composting worm which should be the Red Wiggler worms.  True, there are ordinary earthworms in your garden but they are never as good as the Red worms.  You can browse the internet now to look for the cheapest offer of this kind. You will spend money but when you see the end result, you will not even remember that you spent a single cent for buying these. 

Second, consider the worm bin.  What equipment should you need?  Well, you can choose between buying any commercial bin in the market or just come up with one using your old plastic boxes.  If buying a commercial bin, you need to check first how wide your space is because there are bins that require space like compost tumblers.  You can also have the rolling bin but should you want your bin to be customized, then better do it yourself.

Taking Care of your Red Wiggler worms

There are also composting equipments in the market now which you can also consider in taking care of your Red worms. You can have leaf shredder so that you won’t spend much time in shredding the leaves. You can also have the compost turner to ensure aeration in your worm composting process. Without aeration, your composting worms may escape from your bin, thus making vermicomposting unsuccessful. Since temperature is very important for Red Wiggler worms, you can always check it through the use of a compost thermometer. By having that equipment, you are sure that they your worms are always in a safe environment.

Although we can prevent insects from going near the worm bin by not feeding them with meat and any other dairy products, we also can’t control those insects sometimes. If you would want to be sure, you can also buy insect or fly trap. This is good since we know that insects may cause the death of your worms.

Further, it is also known that food scraps may sometimes have foul odor.  Of course it’s natural but should you want to avoid this smell while doing the worm composting, you can buy any kitchen scrap carrier which is made to store all biodegradable wastes that you can feed to your worms.  This equipment can be found in any market as we know that we all would want to avoid any inconvenience because of the odor.

Well, vermicomposting using Red Wiggler worms is actually very simple.  You can do it without all those commercial equipments.  It’s all up to you but just a reminder though.  The quality of our product also depends on how we do the process and which type of equipment we use.  In the end, it is still our supervision that matters.


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