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Conceal and Store Your Garden Hose in a Decorative Hose Pot Holder

Updated on May 31, 2011

Nothing mars the effect of a beautifully landscaped garden like a bright green garden hose lying neglected on the ground. Even if the garden hose is neatly coiled, there’s something about that glaringly green rubber and plastic, out there for everyone to see ,that seems to scream, "I am not house proud," when in fact, tending your garden might be a consuming passion.
And yet, as any avid gardener knows, it’s hard to garden effectively without a long, standard hose that can be attached to a lawn watering head or a special misting apparatus and  pulled to every remote corner of a vegetable or flower bed in need of a drink.
There is a huge variety of decorative garden hose pots available for those who prefer to be discreet with the tools of their trade. You can find a garden hose pot that fits with the aesthetic of our garden or yard, should you choose.
For example, if you live in the Southwest or Southern California and have a garden full of native plants, grasses and succulents, you might want to purchase a terracotta garden hose pot to store your hose between waterings. You might also opt for a terracotta hose holder if you have a Provençal garden, with full lavender bushes, rosemary and olive trees.
If, on the other hand, you live somewhere beachy like Nantucket or the Carolinas, you might like a wicker basket hose holder or a white painted wooden box to store your garden hose. Or maybe you have a traditional English garden with roses, color and a dash of whimsy. Consider, then, a decorative animal sculpture that can do double duty as a hose-hideaway.

For anyone who takes pride in their garden, it’s a pity to have your horticultural aesthetic marred by an unsightly flash of green mess.

Garden hose holders come in any size you need to accommodate and attractively conceal your garden hose.

Retailers like Home Depot and Lowe's have pretty big selections, and you also can probably find a decent assortment of hose pots at your local nursery or hardware store, so long as it has a garden department.

You also can find a pretty decent selection of garden hose pots online, such as the ones featured below which you can buy tax-free (and sometimes with free delivery) from Amazon.


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