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Concept of Sharing Office Space

Updated on January 9, 2017

Rising real estate costs are making it difficult for startups and small business enterprises to invest in purchasing business premises. The option for procuring space for small businesses is renting it.

There are different ways in which small businesses look to minimize real estate expenses at the nascent stage of the business.

Many businessmen start an enterprise from home. This definitely reduces investment. But it has the drawback that it does not provide a professional client interface. When a person is working from home, he is prone to distractions.

There are other economical ways reducing investment costs while starting an enterprise. Some of them are:

Virtual Offices

This is a type of office in which there is no physical structure. The employees operate at different locations and are connected to each other in cyberspace. However, there is a requirement of a professional office address and phone number to provide an impressive client interface. Nowadays, there are ways of renting a professional address and a phone number. The employees will also need to interact face-to-face with each other at some point or the other. At such times, a meeting room can be rented. A meeting room will also be required for meeting clients.

This type of an arrangement is beneficial because the businessman does not need to invest in physical premises. He can present a professional interface to the clients at minimal expenditure. It gives flexibility to the employees to work as per their convenience. This enhances their productivity.

Sharing space in office

It has been seen that a lot of space in offices is underutilized. Owners of such offices can rent out their space to other small businesses. However, the owner of the space should take care to rent out the space only to businesses which are aligned with his business. While sharing a space, due care should be taken by both businesses to maintain the confidentiality of their enterprises.

This arrangement works out mutually beneficial. The owner of the office space benefits as he can earn out of his surplus space. The tenant benefits as he is able to establish an office in a prime location at a low rental. The tenant also does not need to direct his efforts towards setting up the office. He is able to get facilities such as Wi-Fi, phone connection, etc.

Serviced office

This a type of office space that is rented when a businessman requires to set up a larger office. He might require a complete room or an entire floor. These type of offices are managed by facilities management companies. These offices come with the complete furniture and furnishings. Many a time, they are provided desktops as well. Many serviced offices are provided photocopiers, printers, Wi-Fi connection, etc. Some serviced offices have meeting rooms included. Serviced offices generally have air conditioning, heating, etc included in them. They have a common receptionist to cater to their needs.

This type of office is highly beneficial to a tenant because it is ready to move in. He saves his time, money and effort in setting up the premises. He can direct his energies towards his business.

Sharing desk space

This type of arrangement has also become popular in recent times. In this case, extra unused desks are rented out to small businesses. These desks may have desktops/ laptops also provided. It is an economical way of procuring office space.
Businessmen who take desk space on rent have the benefit of complete infrastructure facilities being provided to them.

Hot desking

This is when a desk space is shared by different businesses in different shifts. This arrangement benefits both the owner of the space and the tenant. This owner has the benefit that he can double his income by renting out the same space. And, the tenant has the benefit of getting a business space at a minimal expense.


This is an arrangement where space is provided to a number of individual businessmen to work at a common place. Here, the businessmen operate independently. This arrangement works out inexpensive for the businessmen. It is also beneficial as it provides businessmen a platform for networking.

As we can see, the concept of sharing an office space is highly beneficial for a startup or a small business enterprise. If a businessman rents office space, he is able to start his enterprise without wasting time on setting up the infrastructure facilities. Besides, he can locate his office at a prime location at a minimal investment.


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