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Concrete Furniture Design – Ideas to build up to perfection

Updated on January 14, 2014

For many people, the word concrete brings various solid structures in mind such as bridges, security barriers, etc. The concrete furniture such as tables, chairs and benches don't come to anybody's mind! However, nowadays many designers are doing work to create amazing designs using concrete to bring style and elegance to home furniture.

One of the earliest and popular uses of concrete furniture was usually in the kitchen. Many householders have found effective use of concrete in form of countertops, which not only looks great but also adds comfort to the home. Starting from that point, interior designers have further expanded its versatility to other parts of the home to create furniture.

Console table white
Console table white | Source
Contemporary Concrete Coffee Table  Accent Table
Contemporary Concrete Coffee Table Accent Table | Source
Corner table
Corner table | Source

Advantages of Concrete Furniture

The owners get various benefits with use of this furniture, which includes durability, designs, variety of colors, customization and natural looks.

1. Durability and Sturdiness

Unlike other types of furniture, it has the ability withstand tough environments. Although, it's relatively expensive but surely it pays off in the long-term due to its resilient nature. You can use it for many years without any significant signs of wear and tear.

2. Design and Style

It can change shape and you can mold it to as many forms as you like. A designer can create various shapes and designs to match each client's requirement. It surely adds creativity and uniqueness to your home furniture.

3. Originality

It looks unique; since there's lots of effort done in crafting it up to perfection. If you want to craft the furniture in certain style, you can discuss your ideas with designers in detail.

4. Variety of Colors

The furniture can be painted using various colors to match each type of environment. You can use any color based on your imagination, since it's easy to color and stain concrete. Apart from coloring, it can be also textured to add uniqueness and originality to its appearance.

5. Customization

You can customize this furniture to fit in tighter spaces and rooms. This is quite useful for people, who are looking for custom furniture to fit in their living rooms which don't carry much space.

6. Natural Look and Feel

Other substances such as leather, wood ad metals fit well with concrete furniture. This is only because of its natural looks which make it a perfect fit with other natural elements. With help of this furniture, you can generate a natural look and feel of items at your home.

End table designed and created by Designs by Rudy
End table designed and created by Designs by Rudy
Living room console table designed and created by Designs by Rudy
Living room console table designed and created by Designs by Rudy
Side bed table designed and created by Designs by Rudy
Side bed table designed and created by Designs by Rudy
Unique console tables designed and created by Designs by Rudy
Unique console tables designed and created by Designs by Rudy

Building Concrete Furniture

If you want to build concrete furniture for your home, then it's a great idea. It not only looks attractive but would also last for many future years. When designing this furniture, you can implement your creativity to get optimum benefit. If you are not much familiar with it, this step by step guidance will help you achieve the desired objectives.

1. Examine Room of Fitting

You should check out those rooms closely, where you are going to fit concrete furniture. In comparison to other types of furniture, this furniture is quite heavy and not easy to move from one place to another. In most cases, it stays fixed where it's intended to be placed. For these reasons, you should make appropriate measurements and analyze the area where it needs to be fixed.

2. Making a layout

Once you are able to examine all rooms, you should draw a layout on a piece of paper. This sketch or layout may not need to be formal, since it will be further used by your designer to get ideas about your furniture. After providing the layout, you should follow-up with the designer in order to make sure that everything stays on the right track. A designer is able to make right proportions of length and width using the sketch provided by you.

3. Making a Perfect Blend

You should clearly point out colors and textures, which need to be used in your furniture. This can be done by examining your room closely and pointing out those colors which need to blend in with your main furniture. The colors of curtain, wall paintings, floors and lightening will help you decide the right combination of colors.

The above guidelines will surely help you with your concrete furniture design ideas. They make it easier for you to get the desired output from your designer and furniture builder. When you are ready to opt for this furniture, it's important to choose a reliable designer. It's because the quality and craftsmanship of experienced workers ensures that you get unique and distinctive structures which will last for a long time.


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