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Concrete - Beautify your Home

Updated on June 23, 2012

Driveway with proper joints

Joints and sealer
Joints and sealer | Source

Decorative Concrete


The Beautiful World of Concrete

Have you ever looked at sidewalks, driveways, or walkways and thought how beautiful or why didn't they add a design etc...? I never did until I married someone who is a Master Concrete Construction Manager, now everywhere I go I see concrete I know what the joints are for and why they used a certain material and how they added the design. I also know the difference between decorative concrete, stamp concrete, and real stone. It's amazing what you can do with concrete. If you drive along the coast of Florida or any beach side property you will notice that most of the homes that are situated along side the beach or in their communities have a decorative driveway.

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between concrete and cement? The cement is an ingredient of the concrete along with water and other ingredients. The concrete is the actual product that you are seeing when you drive on or by a home or business. It's amazing the designs and components that goes into have a driveway that will last and one that won't. Did you know that if you have a long driveway or walkway that you must have joints in a certain place so that when it settles the driveway or walkway will still look flawless? If you look at an older driveway and you see cracks that are in the middle of the driveway, there could be two reasons why this happens: 1) the natural settling of the earth below and 2) the joints were not positioned correctly to reinforce the driveway so that the natural movement would not cause the crack in the wrong place. So how do you correct the crack down the middle of the drive way? Again there are two ways to correct this as well 1) depending on the dept of the crack you can repair it by filling the crack with a concrete filler or 2) If the crack is deep or causing the concrete to break up; such as what tree roots may cause, you will need to replace that section.

Why is concrete so important? There is concrete everywhere, it is stable and helps us to build on solid ground. I can house things such as pipes and poles for stability and it can also be use to decorate walkways, as well as homes. If you use cement its actually concrete without the rocks so if you are adding tile or brick to your home then cement/mortar is what you use as the grout.

Have you driven down the expressway and saw these designed stone or cement walls along each side? They actually create these in molds, when they get ready to set them in place they are placed like a beautiful puzzle connecting to each one, side by side and on top. There are some instances where concrete is used to build or construct a wall or barrier. This product is so versatile that there are some people that use it as a floor inside their home as well as patios and decks. There are beautiful designs that you can use for your driveway, walkway and even your kitchen floor. Have you watched HGTV lately? On the Holmes on Homes show, Mike used cement to construct a tile floor that look like stone in a kitchen for one home owner. The engineer actually laid down tape on top of the dried cement then they colored the cement as though it was stone and added a gloss or sealer on top it was beautiful, it looked just like tile. In cases like that you don't have to worry about replacing the tile if broken, you can change the color if you want and you have a sturdy floor.

There are so many ways to use concrete to make your home beautiful. If you want to add a concrete patio, make sure the ground is level, have it formed up with some 2x4 depending on how think you want it. If you go to the home improvement stores you can buy the ingredients to mix and add water and start pouring. But wait if you don't smooth it out or put the joints in the correct areas or don't make a drain for water you may find yourself in a world of trouble later on. The best thing to do is contact a licensed professional and ask them either for a free estimate or ask them for someone that you can trust to do the job. It is really not that expense to make sure it is done properly and looks great.

Decorative Concrete



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