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Concrete Sidewalks: They Don’t Have to Be Boring

Updated on June 23, 2015

When it comes to updating the look of your home, there are many venues you may consider. It might be with hedges and shrubs to adding a new deck or garage door, but no matter what else you decide to do, don’t overlook the monetary and aesthetic value of adding a decorative concrete sidewalk or patio. For just a small investment, you can take that drab plain sidewalk, driveway or patio and add new life and color that will have everyone wondering why they did not think of the idea first.

No longer is it necessary to simply keep that boring, bland concrete that is more eyesore than exciting. Through the use of stamped concrete designs or acid staining you can revitalize your concrete and make it interesting. Even better, by opting for stamped concrete you can do something basic like make it look like any surface you want. Stamped concrete patterns can be created to look like bricks, stones, wood grains, or foliage, as well as be a custom design that perfectly matches your home’s design and your personality. In addition, pigments can be added to the concrete mixture so you express yourself through color, too. No more plain walkway, but rather an elegant stamped concrete sidewalk.

Or, if you want a different look, you may choose to have your concrete sidewalk acid stained. Although this option is best done on new concrete slabs, as the process works due to interaction with the concrete’s chemical makeup, it can be used on existing slabs—they just have to be re-surfaced. And like the stamped concrete sidewalks, you can also opt to add colors to the acid stain, so that you can achieve hues like Old World maps, leather and even wood tones.

For a more simple approach to adding life to concrete sidewalks, consider having color pigments added to the concrete prior to pouring. Even if you opt to do nothing more than have the slab poured, just the addition of color will take what could be a boring slab of concrete and make it more appealing. After all, having grey concrete is the norm, being yourself is much more fun!

These days of having a uninviting concrete sidewalk are over. You don’t have to have basic grey just because that’s what you have always seen. Today’s homeowner can take that concrete sidewalk and make it interesting by using stamped or stained concrete. If you are considering having your St. Paul home’s concrete resurfaced, talk to the pros at Wohlwend Concrete to learn more.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of concrete sidewalks. One such site worth visiting is

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