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Confidence Is Essential To Real Estate Sucess

Updated on October 14, 2012

A Microcosm of Confidence

You can earn a great living selling real estate in Florida. From where does confidence come? Why do some people have it and some people don't have it? As I teach Florida real estate exam reviews, I constantly see people about to embark on a journey toward passing a very difficult exam, the Florida real estate exam. They have a very specific goal, to pass this exam.

Many have the confidence that comes from ignorance. That is they do not realize how difficult the Florida real estate exam is. No one has told them that the pass rate for first time takers is fifty per cent. Others have the confidence that comes from preparation. They have put forth a proper amount of effort to prepare for this difficult test. They have answered the four hundred questions in the back of " The Florida Real EState Exam Manual" by Linda Crawford. They have watched all nine of my free real estate math videos on You Tube. They have made themseves five hundred flash cards. They have already passed the free practice test on my website at They have confidence. They are ready.

Their confidence shows. Confidence is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is also the best thing you can do to be attractive to other people.

People can see confidence. When you start your real estate career, you want people to see your confidence from a mile away. When someone asks you, "Do you think you can get my house sold?", They are not looking for a timid "We can try.". They are looking for a bold response that comes from deep in your soul. They are not looking for mere words. They want to see the answer in your countenance, your posture, your voice tone, and your words. When you respond with," Put your name right there on the bottom of that listing agreement and start packing.", they know they have found the right Realtor. They not only hear your words, but they also see your confidence. They want to see, feel, taste, touch and hear your confidence. What you need to know is they do. They also can see, taste, touch and feel your LACK of confidence. Confidence is essential.

Where do you think the pejorative word,"confidence man" came from? A confidence man (con man) is a person that has the ability to gain someone's confidence but really has an evil intent. He is not worthy of their confidence. If you have started an honest real estate career, you are worthy of your prospect's confidence. You know what it takes to get their house sold and you know you are willing and able to do it.

Knowledge creates confidence. If you are new in real estate, you need to be constantly studying. The same zeal that got you through the Florida real estate exam, will launch your real estate career. Go to seminars about salesmanship and real estate. Learn about finance. Learn how to write contracts. Learn about salesmanship. Read. Read. Read. Go to the library. Go to the bookstore. Go to websites like Hubpages and Active Rain and Trulia and a dozen others. Read everything you can find about selling real estate. Listen to audio programs in the car. When people mention things you don't understand, ask them to explain. Constantly learn new stuff. This will make you confident. It also makes people around you confident in you.

Try to hang around with confident people. Who you associate with is critical to your sucess. Get away from negative Nelly in the office and take positive Paul to lunch. I could write a thousand words about this but the previous sentence is all you need to know.

You can earn a extraordinary income selling real estate. You can. YOU can. You need to know that. You can. Real estate is so diverse. There are ten dozen ways to make money selling real estate. Find one that is comfortable for you and become an expert .

Earl Nightingale said anyone could become an expert on anything in five years if they would take the time and effort to study. I believe that is true. Once you know you are an expert, you have a confidence in yourself that other people see. They want to do business with you. They want to read your article. They want you to be the leader.

The more confidence that other people have in you, the easier it is to get them to do business with you. You gain experience. You improve your reputation. It is a positive upward spiral. The more you work at improving yourself, the easier it is to work at improving yourself. Almost before you know it, you are back at Climer School of Real Estate taking your Florida real estate broker's course. This is the next step in an already exciting real estate career.


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