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Confident Bedroom Decoration Using Color Psychology

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Color Brown

Brown soothes and inspires confidence -- it is a strong and solid color. Furniture often comes in various shades of brown, filling the room with a sense of security. The downside of brown, however, is that it is perceived as traditional and old-fashioned...

So what! Who said that traditional and old-fashioned is wrong? In today's race for originality and uniqueness, going for the well-known may be the only original and unique choice. Besides, unlike furniture, brown art rarely decorates modern apartments.

The real problem of this color is that it's deep energy suppresses all other hues. And, there are few colors that go well with brown -- pink and orange mostly -- because its meanings are so broad and cancel the effects of other tones.

Brown is the color of earth and the color of comfort; it's like a grandmother's shawl that covers everybody and everything under its warm cover. Brown is more suitable for nooks and little corners, where it can dominate the location without overpowering neighboring colors. Lets look at three artists who use a lot of brown in their work.

Marlene Healey

Marlene Healey's abstract paintings bring up good memories. Sometimes it may seem as though they recreate ancient epochs, so powerful is the sense of revival. The circles and the rectangles imitate wheels and windows -- the wheels of time and the windows to our past. Brown orchestrates the journey, gently guiding us between the rails and the junctures. These paintings trigger a smooth, gliding viewing experience, and they do it with little effort on our part, because brown took care of everything.

Laurie Maitland

As opposed to Marlene Healy, Laurie Maitland's pictures contrast color with theme. The brown inculcates stability and safety whereas the theme, mostly abstract, depicts edgy situations -- a last thread that's about to tear, a branch that's about to snap, and so on. This contrast makes the artwork an energy field that can both inspire and absorb our minds and souls. I think these prints are most suitable for people with strong character who can clearly discern what is it that they need more -- the former or the latter.

Leonardo da Vinci

It may sound like a sacrilege to decorate with the artist's artwork merely because of its color tone. So what (second time today). Da Vinci's light brown portraits and drawings radiate warmth and sweetness rarely found in modern art. There is always a place for the beauty of the human figure, in any home, anywhere. These were executed with chalk and reproduce earth's powers with the hand of one of the greatest artists to ever walk and observe the planet.

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