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Conserving Water At Home

Updated on September 21, 2009

Low Flow Toilet Kits

Conserving water is a global concern, something everyone should look into so that we can continue in our present lifestyle. The good news about saving water is that we can make an enormous difference just by making small changes to our everyday routines and tasks. An added bonus is that many of these options cost nothing at all. For example, taking a quicker shower can save countless gallons of water. Other possibilities related to hygiene and grooming include not having the water running during activities like brushing your teeth and shaving.

While conserving water without spending any additional money is a good thing all of us can do, there comes a point when additional action must be taken to really maximize conservation. Household appliances are products that people should focus on because they are used so frequently and many appliances use a great deal of water. If you own an old dishwasher or washer, think about upgrading to a more efficient model. True, the initial cost might be unpleasant but the long term savings on the water bill and knowing that you are doing something good for the environment are well worth it.

Perhaps even more important than dishwashers and washers is an item that is used everyday - the toilet. An old, leaky toilet wastes lots of water. However, just fixing your old toilet is not a cost effective, or environmentally conscious, choice because the parts typically don’t have a long lifespan. Buying a new toilet is a better option but still not the best choice. The best option, both in cost and the impact on the environment, is a dual flush, low flow conversion kit. In simple terms, this product makes it so your toilet uses different amounts of water depending on the type of waste. The user pushes the lever one way for liquid waste and another for solid. This design can save most families around thirty gallons of water per day. Additionally, this product costs less than thirty five dollars, which is only a fraction of what a new toilet would cost. By keeping your old toilet you are also using less space in landfills than you would’ve if you had bought a new toilet and threw away the old. So, for the reasons mentioned above, a low flow conversion kit is an ideal choice for the consumer and environment alike.


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