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Consider Garage Carpeting For Your Next DIY Makeover

Updated on October 11, 2011

For anyone looking to add some flair to that ugly garage the many styles of garage carpeting make this a snap. Aftermarket automotive products are one of the fastest growing segments of business and this phenomena has carried over to the garage and workshop. Today's garages are mean to be enjoyed and not just functional. When getting a garage ready for a makeover, the flooring is one of the first considerations and when on a budget garage carpeting works great.

When most people think of carpeting they think about heavy, awkward rolls and the chore of smoothing and laying it down. Fortunately, the carpet found in most garages is a snap to install. It normally comes in a self adhesive tile in a large 12" or 18" size. Sold in boxes, they are easy to transport and carry without the use of a truck or without "volunteering" your friends to lug it around. The quality is incredible with these tiles able to resist spills and common chemicals found in the garage. Best of all, the flooring can be put down by almost anyone and it only takes a few hours and some simple tools to do. No more sweaty workmen or damaging your knees on a backbreaking labor installation.

Garage carpeting holds up under heavy use and looks great!
Garage carpeting holds up under heavy use and looks great!

Once laid, the transformation is amazing. Garage carpet tiles come in so many colors and patterns. The square shape makes it easy to create many interesting geometric layouts, too. It doesn't matter whether the garage doubles as a workout space, a man cave, or a teenage gaming room – there is an affordable garage carpet to work for you and a style to suit any situation.

Shopping for garage flooring is a snap. This style of tile is available at almost any of the popular DIY stores and automotive supercenters. Of course, there are hundreds of companies and vendors online ready to ship these convenient tiles right to your house as well. Cost comparison is a breeze and the time spent to find the perfect look online is a fraction of what it can be searching for traditional carpeting.

What are you waiting for? That tired and underused garage can have some new life breathed into it! Garage carpet squares are one of the best garage flooring options on the market today! If you have considered paint or epoxy over your concrete pad, then spend some time checking out another alternative.


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