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Container Gardening in a Small Space - A Great Idea To get Maximum Pleasure!!

Updated on October 18, 2016

My own plants

I have a couple of potted plants, both flower bearing and fancy ones. The immense satisfaction I get through these ever smiling plants is infinite. A great sensory experience that keeps me stress free.

chrysanthemum from my home garden
chrysanthemum from my home garden
 home-container plants
home-container plants
Rose at it's best
Rose at it's best
Fresh flowers  floating on water, a delight in our living room
Fresh flowers floating on water, a delight in our living room

Is Gardening A Good Hobby?

Yes..this is my experience that plants you grow and the flowers you pluck from your own home garden makes you feel elated. They are small bundles of joy. Until I grew a couple of container plants in my home balcony, I was unaware of the pleasures of gardening. All the images I posted here are from my pot gardening.

Each Day You See Some Delightful Change!

I don't know what prompts me to go to balcony and see my plants in the early morning itself. I spend a few minutes with them, seeing them move with the morning breeze, with fresh flowers. Automatically, my hand goes to touch them. For me, they look active and cheerful. I call my son to see the plants while sipping hot coffee in the morning. This way, children connect with the nature.

Otherwise busy human mind takes it easy with the freshness of the plants and flowers. It changes your mood, makes you feel happy. If you observe them closely, each day you will notice some change such as growth, flowering, color etc.

How to Keep Container Plants At Home? How Much Time You Have to Spend On Them?

Get a few plants from your relatives, from friends or from neighbors. You can also buy them from the nursery. Get pots, soil and manure. May be, you have to buy a few gardening equipments. That's all. Mix the soil with manure. You must wear gloves while touching the soil. See that the container/pot has a hole near the bottom, for flow of excess water from the soil. Keep a small stone near the hole, to cover half the hole. Fill the soil till three fourth portion of the container.

Place the plant in the center. Fill up the soil till one inch below the container rim. Gently press the soil surrounding the plant. At least more than three fourth portion of the plant should be above the soil.

Pour water until it covers the entire soil. Leave it like that for one whole day. From next day onwards, start watering them daily, depending on the need of the particular plant. Generally during rainy and winter season, plants need less water. During summer, they need more water.

For most of the container plants, the manured soil will last for a few months, say 5-6 months. Then, you have to loosen the soil and add fresh manured soil. This is the schedule you have to follow. If you see weeds in the pot, remove them. Keep the pot in a sunlit area. Watering the plant should be your routine activity. Plants are not less than your little kids!!. They need your continuous care. I mean to say, if you want to go on a vacation to some other location for a few days, make sure that someone takes care of watering the plants.

This article is written through my own experience in home gardening.

Flowers are Beautiful

Advantages of Having Your Own Home Garden

I come from a rural family. My parents used to cultivate acres of farm land. Though now I reside in a metropolitan city, my heart longs for village beauty. I like the natural surroundings, rivers, trees, flowers, birds, animals, insects etc etc. I was brought up in such an area where nature was bountiful. Even in cities, you can have a small home garden or container garden that can sooth your mind. There are plenty of positive health benefits of having such a miniature garden in your home.

  • Plants and flowers are living beings. Observing their growth, fragrance, color, pattern etc is a pleasure by itself. Feeding and maintaining the plants gives you inner satisfaction that you can't describe.
  • You are closely associated with the earth and the nature, from which we came from.
  • It gives you practice of long attention span. Daily feeding and observing the plant routine needs proper scheduling and planning.
  • It is a beautiful sensory experience. An unknown pleasure comes to you through home gardening.
  • You may get to see insects such as butterflies, wasps, honeybees near your garden. This adds beauty to the garden. It is certainly an enjoyment, especially for kids.
  • It makes you stress free. If you involve yourself deeply in gardening, at least for some time you will forget the worries. Thus, gardening helps to maintaining good health.
  • Through gardening, you get some exercise that is good for health.
  • Best of all, you get to breathe fresh air!!

Cultivate the home gardening habit in your young ones. Involve them in watering the plants and weeding. Explain them about plants, flowers and nature. Make them feel happy with the nature. This will help to reduce global warming to some extent. If every person thinks this way, the world becomes a better place to live.

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