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Container Herb Garden for Beginners

Updated on January 9, 2011

Have you ever been in a situation when you’re in the middle of cooking a dish and you suddenly realize that you’ve run out of basil or bay leaf for your favorite soup? You’ve either resorted to cooking a different meal or have momentarily stopped cooking, so that you may be able to run to nearest store to pick up some spices. Well, in this scenario, you no longer have to do either of the situations. The best solution to these unexpected occurrences would be to do some indoor or outdoor herb gardening. Container Herb Garden for Beginners is quite easy to follow. Read through this article to get some tips and ideas.

The good thing about growing herbs in containers

Container gardening can be very handy. It’s not only accessible, the herbs that you will be growing in the process can also be monitored on a daily basis (especially when it comes to controlling the soil, water and temperature). Keeping a herb garden in the comforts of your own home can also be very rewarding. You’re not only being given an opportunity to grow aromatic plants for cooking, you’ll also be able to grow herbs that are also useful for other therapeutic needs.

Herb gardening saves time and money

Get into some outdoor or indoor herb gardening, and be able to experience a maximized cooking experience. Apart from that, also get the chance to save on money, as you no longer have to add your desired herbs into your grocery list, should you find the need for these. Besides having to save on costs, you’ll also be able to reap authentic and fresh flavors straight from your herb gardens. That’s something that pre-packed herbs from the market won’t be able to offer you.

Indoor Herb Garden

There are several herbs that you can grow in your indoor herb garden (you can consider creating a kitchen herb garden), and some of these are parsley and basil (annuals). When it comes to these two, make sure to plant these as plants first (not as seeds) if you’re just starting out. Aside from that, you can use plastic containers for your herbs. Put in some gravel or sand (to allow proper drainage) inside it before topping it with some loose soil. Only water your herbs when the soil is dry.

Outdoor herb garden

Outdoor herb gardening for beginners is another alternative. The best ones that you can grow outside are Perennials such as oregano, rosemary and thyme. But should you decide to sow these types of plants, also consider the sunlight requirements for these. Besides that, when it comes to Container Herb Garden for Beginners also provide containers that will suit the growth expansion of these herbs (you can also have these potted), as some of these tend to spread out or form into a bundle.


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