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Container gardening for those with limited spaces

Updated on January 2, 2011

Container gardening is one of many other ways to making a limited area look beautiful and calming. And with this kind of arrangement (literally planting inside containers), anyone can contain any sort of plant life inside a variety of containers. One can even opt into using baskets that are hung from the ceiling (hanging planters outdoor), wooden or plastic planter boxes for their vegetables, or use clay pots for their flowers. It’s simply a great alternative for those who have space constraints at home but would still love to experience the presence of plants surrounding them.

Gardening using containers have its benefits too. Apart from the usual concern on space restrictions (let’s say you’re living in an apartment that only have windows for placing in flower pots because of minimal space), you’ll also find that it’s also beneficial for other reasons. Here are a few ones that show how this kind of gardening is very valuable to many.

  • There are times when you will come across poor soil conditions. At least when you’re doing some gardening by means of containers, then you may be able to look after their maintenance in a more direct manner (you may be able to do some quality control). 
  • There are all sorts of containers. There are cow pots, decorative flower planters, and even ceramic planters. Nonetheless, these are all made handy especially for those who have no access to gardens. Pots like these may very well complement certain areas in an apartment or condo unit, such as the living room or dining area. Plants can make a great addition indoors, as it also helps produce more oxygen. So it’s that rewarding to have at home.
  • Now containers are also good outlets for when you’re growing herbs and vegetables. Aside from the convenience that it can bring you (you can easily have access on these), it also helps minimize your costs. When you grow your own produce, then you no longer have to go to the market should you run out of these while cooking. 

When gardening using cow manure pots, vases or whatever make-shift container you can find and will be using, it’s always best to know which part of the house to place these in. Aside from the location, you also have to know what to plant. Just like for flowers, will you be planting perennials or annuals? Besides that, also take note of your plants shade and sunlight requirement, as some may not need so much of these. 

With container gardening, you also no longer have to worry about how to move these around, as it should be no problem at all. Since your plants or vegetables are inside containers, then you are always given the option to place it at a different part of your house.

Cow pots are always a great choice for container gardening. You can check out and purchase a some of these at You can also buy worms from this site should you be interested in some composting as well.


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