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Contemporary Living Room Decor

Updated on February 21, 2012


Contemporary living room decor can be a stunning, elegant choice for your home. Whether it is sophisticated minimalism you crave, or a room filled with designer furniture and artwork, contemporary living room decor can work for you. Read on for some contemporary living room decorating ideas.


Eliminate Clutter

The first step to beautiful, modern living decor is eliminating clutter. Out with the dozens of framed photos stacked on a single table. Choose your favorites and place them strategically around the room. Hang one or two on the wall, and place one on a credenza or table. Put the rest in a sleek photo album on the coffee table. No more than three accessories per table. For example, your coffee table can have your photo album, a vase of flowers, and a small decorative statue.


Choosing the Right Furniture

Clean lines are the key in contemporary living room decor. That means no elaborate woodwork or overstuffed sofas. You can buy wide variety of contemporary sofas at a low price. Retailers offer all kinds of gorgeous furniture that will make you the envy of all your visitors. Clean does not have to mean stark, however. It is easy to find visually interesting yet simple and elegant furniture at any price point. Look out for unusual shapes, but remember to stay away from fussy ornamentation.


Emphasize Your Personality

When people walk into your living room, they should immediately recognize “you” in there. Your room should reflect your unique life and personality. Don’t have any art? Start collecting now. In contemporary living room decor, the furniture will often be elegant and understated, so feel free to go wild with your artwork. Living room wall decor is one of the best ways to infuse your room with personality. If you don't have the budget to spring on original artwork, many great art prints are available. Incorporate souvenirs from your travels. Picked up a vintage radio in an antique store in Nashville? Put it on an end table by itself or next to one other item, and it will look like a sculpture. Remember, accessorize with living room decorations sparingly to achieve an elegant look.


Use Bold Colors to Add Warmth

Contemporary living room decor is often associated with sophisticated neutrals, but color can be a great way to brighten up your room and add some individuality. Some contemporary living room decorating ideas: toss some luxurious colored throw pillows on your sofa, or cover a single wall in shimmering metallic wallpaper.


Vary Textures for Visual Interest

Sometimes, the best contemporary living room wall decor is the wall itself. Stonework or polished, wood-paneled walls are a wonderful way to add texture, color, and beauty to your modern living room decor. If you have brick walls, keep them. The inherent classic looks of brick provide a great contrast to contemporary living room decor. Look for plushy sheepskin rugs to soften hard, cool surfaces. Toss a few throw pillows in interesting fabrics onto chairs and sofas. Nature-inspired items like faux fur blankets or rattan footstools are another great way to add contrast to modern living room decor, which is often associated with steel and glass.


Let There Be Light

Contemporary living room decor benefits from plenty of light, whether natural or ambient. Great big windows and high ceilings enhance the freshness and elegance of modern living room decor. Don’t fret if your room has low natural light. Install recessed lighting for an overall warm glow, or make plenty of use out of floor lamps and table lamps. There are even options for modern fireplaces that will fit right in with your living room decorations.

In Conclusion

Fortunately, furniture retailers have recognized the need to provide fresher, better options to consumers at every price range, so you should have no trouble finding what you need. Offering both sophistication and fun, contemporary living room decor is a great way to express your sense of style at home.


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