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Control Your Home Lights with Your Smartphone

Updated on January 30, 2018

iPhone App for Insteon Home Automation Control

Did you know that you can use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to control your home lights? If you are away from home at night and would like your porch light turned on to welcome you when you arrived at your doorstep, simply grab your iPhone, select your iPhone's home automation app, and turn on your lights. It's really that simple. You can also control your thermostat, appliances and much more.

Home automation has never been easier and more affordable. The set-up described in this hub uses the high-speed wireless internet router that you have already installed in your home. You simply connect your router via an Ethernet cable to a modular automation controller that plugs into a nearby wall outlet. On your porch, plug a lamp module into a wall outlet near the lamp, and plug the lamp into the module. Your iPhone and app complete this simple system, Later, you can expand this start-up system to include thermostats, appliances, garage doors and much more.

Go to Control home lights via the Internet with your computer or Wi-Fi handheld devices to learn more about how this set-up works.

The MobiLinc Pro iPhone app Works for Insteon Home Automation

If you would rather not use the free Insteon app described above, you can download another iPhone app that is Insteon-compatible. The MobiLinc Pro works with both INSTEON and older X-10 devices. MobLinc Pro is still available from for $19.95

With MobiLinc Pro you can command your devices from anywhere. You can check, real-time device status. Other features include a secure connection using username and password, multiple thermostat support, and support for numerous INSTEON devices, scenes, and programs. You can keep your favorite scenes on a dedicated page.

MobLinc Pro has much more capability than you will need for the simple set-up featured in this hub. You can expand your home automation system and easily add devices and to MobiLinc Pro when you are ready.

Whether you use the free app from Insteon, or the $19.95 app, I think you'll be pleased with Insteon home automation.

INSTEON Starter Package for Light Control

Many home automation newcomers begin by controlling lights. Check out the Insteon 2244-234 Smart Lamp + Bridge Starter Kit, Includes 2 Smart Dimmer Plugs and Bridge. It works with Alexa. You can get your home set up for light control and much more. The Kit includes the bridge (controller), sand two lamp dimmer modules..

  • One INSTEON Bridge Controller
  • Two INSTEON Plug-In Dimmer Modules

If you’re a home do-it-yourselfer who can carefully read, follow and understand directions -- you probably can install it yourself.

How Insteon Works in Your Home

INSTEON home automation technology

The set-up described in this Hub uses INSTEON house automation technology. It uses two means of communication among automation components -- (1) powerline signals through your existing house wiring, and (2) radio signals on a designated RF frequency. This dual mesh technology makes INSTEON both reliable and robust. If you can carefully read, understand and follow directions, you can probably install it youself.

Matthew Strebe, author of Insteon: Smarthomes For Everyone: The Do-It-Yourself Home Automation Technology (available from Amazon) puts it this way: "INSTEON is well positioned to become the Ethernet of home control. It is the lowest cost among reliable options, has more types of devices available,

  • . . . requires no special planning or equipment, has the largest market share
  • . . . it's a safe bet that INSTEON will dominate home control."

If you would like the safety, convenience and fun of home automation, start now.

Use Your Insteon iPhone App to Turn Your Porch Light On

Screen shot of my iPhone INSTEON app showing my porch lamp switch. I tap "on" and, walla, my porch light goes on. Image looks just like my wall switch.
Screen shot of my iPhone INSTEON app showing my porch lamp switch. I tap "on" and, walla, my porch light goes on. Image looks just like my wall switch. | Source

There is a free iPhone app for the INSTEON Hub or Bridge that you can download for free. I have used mine for several years and it work just fine. It's reliable. It's convenient. It's safe. It works within our home. It works from the next state. It's FREE. No monthly charges for my home automation system.

I have my porch light timed to turn on at a certain time each evening and turn off about the time I've retired for the night. When we drive up to our home, our porch lamp is on and welcoming. If for some reason I want to turn the lamp on earlier, I can do that with the switch shown in the screen.

Which home living tasks would you automate first?

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    • Johnjfernando profile image


      7 years ago

      OMG!!!!!! That is cool. I want to do something like this with my home.


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