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Convection Ovens and Microwave Convection Ovens

Updated on May 3, 2011

Convection Ovens and the Conventional Ovens

Convection oven is not a very big advance in technology but it makes a lot of difference to the cooking and cooked food from using a conventional oven. A conventional oven heats food by both radiation and convection.

Convection is defined as the heating by carrying the heat by of heated particles within a gas or a liquid. But inside a conventional oven the movement of the air is caused by the difference in temperature. And the process of heat transfer by convection inside a conventional oven is slow due to the stagnant layer of air surrounding the food being cooked. Larger amount of heat is transferred to the food by radiation from the heaters and the heated walls of the Oven.

In a Convection Oven air is circulated by the use of a fan. Fan blows out the stagnated layer and brings hot air heated at the heaters into direct contact with the food. Most of the heat transferred to the food is by the forced convection.


Microwave Convection Ovens

In a Microwave oven heat is generated inside the food by agitating the molecules in food by the radio (electromagnetic) waves at microwave frequencies. Though microwave ovens are very advantageous for some forms of cooking they are not suitable for baking and roasting. It cannot give the outside crispiness and a crust to the food baked. The appearance also will be “unnatural”. The microwave convection oven combines a heating element and a microwave tube (magnetron) for heating and a fan for forced convection. This combination eliminates the above shortcomings in a conventional microwave oven and helps any form of cooking like boiling, baking or roasting. Microwave convection ovens are efficient, versatile and they save time.

Cooking with Convection Ovens

When cooking with convection ovens it is necessary to make adjustments to the temperatures and times used to cook different recipes. Any body using a convection oven for the first time can use convection oven recipes till she/he gets a good feel about the temperatures and the times that have to be used.

When buying your Next Oven

Deciding which type of oven to buy and to choose from various models offering different features is confusing due to the availability of a vast number of different types, brands and models. The best way is to getting first hand information from the people who have used the model you intend to buy. Don’t be carried away by the convection oven reviews and the testimonials given by the sellers. Try to learn as much as possible not only because of the money you may waste but the troubles and embarrassments you may have to face by buying an oven that may ruin your great day.


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