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Home Improvement Tips

Updated on June 14, 2017

Plan your Home Improvement

Rule 1: You never know what a remodeling job will cost until you tear into things.

Rule 2: It's best to go with "all new" - such as total replacement of windows- repairs will cost ou more over the long haul.

Rule 3: You are at the mercy of the contractor regarding what you have to pay-they all over charge and never stick to their prices.

Our experience have boiled down to a few simple principles that are contrary to conventional wisdom. Here they are in a nutshell.

New Wisdom About Home Improvements

Rule 1: Carefully access your house and needs, weigh options and their costs, write down clear plans, and then stick to them. By doing this , you can usually predict the cost of a

remodeling project with 95% accuracy.

Rule 2: If it isn't broken don't fix it. Tearing out functional cabinets and fixtures ,gutting out plaster, and moving walls around may be nice if you can afford it, but steady, careful

maintenance and strategic replacements are always cheaper than trying to modernize everything all at once.

Rule 3: Don't settle for vague estimates from contractors. Draw up your own list of tasks you want done and the materials you want used, or pay somebody to do it, and make sure

your contractor does the work carefully. Shop contractors as you would car dealers. Check references as you would a doctor.

For large jobs get a tight contract tailored to your home improvement needs.


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