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Cooker Hoods

Updated on August 24, 2015

Cooker hoods are also known as range hoods. They are becoming very popular. Cooker hoods can also be very practical and fashionable. As is the case with all new appliances, it is necessary to get the right type. If you choose the wrong type of cooker hood for your range, you will not achieve the necessary effect. In other words, you will not have a device capable of removing the smoke from your kitchen.

Major Purposes of Cooker Hoods

What exactly do good cooker hoods do? They should attend to the following

  • Removing odors
  • Ensure correct air flow
  • Take care of airborne grease
  • Eliminate moisture preventing it from collecting on walls and furniture

Since they must replenish or clear the air, you need to select between two basic methods. Cooker hoods are often able to utilize one or the other. Some even switch from one format to the other when there is less space or no access to a duct system.

What About Ducts and Ductless?

Cooker hoods are made to refresh or circulate the air. They do so by using either a duct or filtration system. Many cooker hoods employ the duct system. It removes the stale and odorous air to the outside. It needs to be the right type of duct work and renovations may be involved.

If you cannot afford a duct system, you can opt for those who utilize filtration. In other words, you can install the hood in re-circulating mode. These cooker hoods use charcoal filters to clean the air. The material of the filter can be of aluminum, stainless steel or fleece. You may need to replace the filter. This is particularly true if your cooker hood utilizes a cloth filter.

Other Considerations

Yet, cooker hoods should also be quiet. You do not want to have what sounds like a jack hammer in your kitchen. Cooker hoods may not be able to purr, but they should not yowl. While all cooker hoods are usually somewhat noisy on fast speed, make sure the model you are interested in is as quiet as it can be. Fagor has one that operates at 48 db. It is one of the quietest on the market.

Another characteristic you need to consider when looking at cooker hoods is efficiency. Check to see is quick and competent at its job. Furthermore, are the various models of cooker heads under consideration low in their consumption of energy. Try to find one that works efficiently and efficiently uses energy.


Types of Cooker Hoods

Essentially, there are 4 different types of cooker hoods. These are as follows:

  • Free-standing
  • Integrated - usually you find these in fitted kitchens
  • Built in and Canopy
  • Chimney and Island hoods

Each of these types is suitable for a specific purpose. The costs vary. Like other kitchen attachments or appliances, cooker hoods can be both reasonably priced and expensive. Chimney and Island cooker hoods, for example are frequently more high-tech. They are, therefore, usually more expensive.

Whatever model you decide upon, always order it based on the surface of your range. Cooker hoods must always be at least as wide as your stove. This is the acceptable minimum. Wider is actually better.

Other Considerations

This does not mean you have to ignore such things as style or flair. Some cooker hoods have evolved past the basic stainless steel affair. Neff has a model that is retractable into the wall. This is a telescopic model. There are sleek, clean lined models manufactured by Atag. Some of the more interesting ones, however, are the part of the D R Cooker Hoods’ Elicia Collection. Their design concepts include the “Star” ceiling model. There is also the Rose, the Juliette and the Meridiana. D R Cooker Hoods are splashes of color in less than traditional forms.

Where you have the controls is another issue. Some recommend placement of the controls of cooker hoods are best at the front. If they are underneath, it is more difficult to access and use. There are also off site controls. These can be handy as long as you do not mistake them for something else. Cooker hoods that have tested positive for user friendliness is AEG’s chimney cooker hood DD 9663.

Top Cooker Hoods on the Market

  • AEG-Electrolux HC569OM - chimney hood with a metal filter. AEG is responsible for several excellent cooker hoods
  • Broan makes several good cooker hoods. Unfortunately, you need a fair amount of space for them to operate properly
  • GE is known for making cooker hoods with style for less money
  • Kenmore 5030 - these cooker hoods are a wall chimney range hood. Some models have problems with lighting but are a good deal for the money
  • Kitchen Aid offers cooker hoods with some of the fastest air exchange systems
  • Lux-Air LA 90EVD - chimney hood
  • Maytag. Known for their washers and dryers, nevertheless this company has some high quality cooker hoods
  • Viking VCWH3048 one of the best cooker hoods with a wall chimney
  • Whirlpool has several under cabinet cooker hoods. They are around 30" wide and may take up a lot of space in your kitchen

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