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Cooking in a Microwave

Updated on June 12, 2017

The Ease

Lots of people use a microwave oven to heat up food.

That's it.

They'll stirring a pot on on the stove top, they'll be turning over what's in the oven, and have half a dozen different pots and pans to wash up when they are done.

Then, the left overs are heated in a microwave... when the meal could have been made, from scratch in a Microwave. With nothing to wash save the plate one eats from.

Learning Your Oven

Like babies, all microwaves are different, so you learn your 'baby'. You learn when to stay in 'standard' when to go to 'High' and when to have low power, depending on what you are preparing.

Sure, read your 'user's guide' but then, do your own bit of experiment seeing how long or how short a particular item needs to be inside.

Learn how you can let 'bake' inside the hot oven, learn how you break up cooking time into various sessions of high, off and bake, medium, bake... so that your meal is exactly how you want it.

Stuffed Tomatoes

This is a very simple recipe. You can use it to learn how to cook, from scratch, in a micro wave oven.

As a Vegetarian, I am not giving any turkey recipes.

This recipe is one of those omnibus ones.

The stuffing that goes into the tomato is whatever you have. I am talking about left overs... those six peas, that half of carrot, this left over stir fried, that handful of macaroni... whatever you have.

I tend to collect left overs in one tub which I keep in the freezer. When I'm ready to stuff a tomato, I just pop out the tub, and either letting it thaw or put it into the micro wave to get to room temperature.

The Recipe

  • 3 small to medium tomatoes, not fully ripe
  • vege mince, soaked in the liquid from a previous batch, a Ramen soup pack, some kind of flavouring
  • random vegetables, whatever you have that was left over
  • vege cheese, various layers of cheese
  • Almonds/cashews, just a handful


Carefully cut around the stem and pull out; it will usually leave a kind of button shape.

Now using a spoon, clear out lots of the tomato. Toss the seeds, keep the flesh and put it into your saving tub, the one you keep in the freezer.

Be careful, take your time,and when you have a tomato shell, start stuffing.

I don't cut the tomato in half or take off the top third, I make a small opening at the top, and stuff.

I put the nuts at the bottom. If you don't use nuts, use your cheese. Now put the vege mince and veges from your saving tub inside.

When you reach midway, another piece of cheese, and then whatever secret seasoning you like. (I use a special ginger pepper jelly).

Continue packing the tomato, pour out any liquid into the tub. A a lot... A LOT of liquid will be produced during cooking.

Gently push down, because you need to tight pack it so that when it's finished there won't be a big sink hole in the middle.

At the top of the tomato, place another piece of cheese. If you want to overdue the tomato thingy, you can use a small slice, but it's better to sprinkle green stuff, be it Thyme or something like it on top for prettiness.


I use a bowl, I put the tomatoes into a bowl and then into the microwave for Five minutes.

That's it.

Five minutes.

I them sit in the oven for about four minutes, then take them out.

There will usually be a puddle at the bottom. Pour this 'puddle' into a jar you will use to make your own tomato sauce. Trust me... this tastes really good.

Let the tomatoes cool a bit, then the one you want to eat now goes back in for two minutes.


Just Try It

This is a very easy recipe. You can use Sweet Peppers instead of tomatoes if you want.

In this recipe you will learn something about the micro... if five minutes is too long or not long enough.

How long the food should wait inside the micro, and how long to heat up after it is cooled.

As many recipes you get the 'take away' of a fantastic base for a tomato sauce, or you can use the liquid to hydrate vege mince. It is not to be thrown away.


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