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Cool Attic Room Ideas

Updated on September 11, 2013

Cool attic ideas

Coming up with really good ideas for your attic conversion can be quite difficult (especially when the loft is normally so dark and foreboding!) - but with a little inspiration you'll quickly be marching up the ladder to your loft, brushing away the cobwebs with one hand and sketching out your new designs with the other!

Design ideas for loft conversions

So, what do you need to consider when getting an attic conversion ideas? Well, assuming you're getting a competent builder on board for the job - then why not have a little fun and let your imagination run wild.

For example, look at the picture on the right - how many people have walk in wardrobes that bathe them in fresh sunlight? Not many - and this kind of idea is such a great change from the routine office/T.V room idea.

The reality is that an attic conversion will cost a sizable sum of money - normally around the $20,000 - $25,000 mark. So if you're going to spend that amount - you may as well live a little and get something that really gives you an infusion of joy every day!

The Secret Attic Room!
The Secret Attic Room!

Attic Playroom...for Adults!

Attic rooms usually become the favourite room in the house. This is probably for a number of reasons. Very often attic rooms offer tranquility away from the rest of the house - which as we all know, can get quite crazy at times (unless you're living with a few Trappist monks).

But even more so, an attic is like a secret room - tucked away at the top of the house evoking memories of when we were children climbing up to our tree house or monkeying around at the playground.

How great would it be to sit and relax with a nice glass of red wine with some Bach playing in the background, swinging in your hammock - letting the world go by.

If money was no object - what would you turn your attic room into?

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Themed luxury attic  bedroom!
Themed luxury attic bedroom!
Attic secret tea room!
Attic secret tea room!


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    • profile image

      Jose 2 years ago

      De dc3a4r granarna gc3b6r mig glad, sc3a5 belaghiga att se pc3a5. Vc3a5r minsting Hugo skulle c3a4lska att bc3a4dda ner sig sjc3a4lv och dockorna och alla njukisdjuren under den, och jag skulle tycka att hans kaosstc3b6kiga rum skulle bli trevligare att stiga in i om granarna fanns dc3a4r. Vi c3b6nskar oss filten med grc3a5 kant.

    • Armchair Builder profile image

      Michael Luckado 5 years ago from Hawaii

      I really like the photos here. You really can create a great space in an attic remodel. I would also say the cost can vary greatly depending on your current attic framing configuration and what you plan on doing with it. Obviously bathrooms can get expensive. Thanks for the ideas.

    • nikkiwikki profile image

      Nikki Wiks 5 years ago from Ireland

      Hey Mary615,

      Thanks - I actually got so jealous looking at all the lovely jobs people have done - I want that swinging chair and red wine now! haha....

      That's a great idea to rent out the room - great way of paying for the conversion....

      Did you much of the work yourself?

      Thanks for the share :)

    • nikkiwikki profile image

      Nikki Wiks 5 years ago from Ireland


      Thanks so much - the wardrobe is awesome - I don't think Id ever leave it!

    • Stephanie Henkel profile image

      Stephanie Henkel 5 years ago from USA

      These are some great ideas! Our attic is definitely too low for a real room, but the beautiful wardrobe idea would probably work well. Voted up and useful!

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 5 years ago from Florida

      When I saw your title, I knew I had to read this Hub. I did exactly this! I had a large attic that was only used for storage. I had it converted into a living area, complete with bath. I then rented out a downstairs bedroom to help pay the mortage. I wrote a Hub about that experience.

      I voted this UP, and will share.