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Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Updated on February 5, 2013

There are only so many ways to properly light a kitchen, and unless you have an enormous budget, you're probably going to be thinking about the cost. The simple fact is, kitchen light fixtures can be extremely expensive. No matter whether you're going for LED lighting or fluorescent lighting or even kitchen pendant lighting, it's very easy to spend a lot of money very quickly.

So, what we have here are some recommendations that are mostly inexpensive and high-quality. I know that's a bit of a misnomer, but if you shop carefully it's possible to get cheap and good quality at the same time.

One other thing to take into consideration when you are applying light fixtures for your kitchen is whether the kitchen is a “working,” kitchen or a “decorative," one, because the 2 ideals do not work very well together. The chances are, if you're setting up a working kitchen, you're probably going to want some bright fluorescent lights, whereas if you're creating a moody, decorative kitchen you're probably going to want some pendant spotlights–or somewhere in between the 2.

These are our recommendations and suggestions for some cool kitchen lighting ideas.

Lithonia 3348 Lighting Two-Light Fluorescent Ceiling Fixture

This 1st recommendation is something we would suggest for the working kitchen rather than the decorative kitchen. It's made by Lithonia, who are very well respected for this type of product, although it has to be said, it is more functional than beautiful, but to 32 W T8 lamps of approximately 48 inches long, really do punch out the lumins.

A fantastic work–type lighting fixture, which is Energy Star qualified and very inexpensive. In fact–at the time of writing this article, Amazon had and them on sale for less than $25. At this price, they are very much worth the money.

Just remember–these are functional lighting fixtures that will add very little to the ambience of your kitchen.

American Fluorescent CSV3232NT Contemporary 2-32 Watt Round Flush Mount Light,

If you're looking for something a little more sophisticated, but has decided that you really would like to stick with fluorescent lights, this one is also Energy Star qualified, and puts out a similar amount of light to the Lithonia, but looks a lot more stylish, and go very nicely in a contemporary style kitchen is somewhere between the work horse and fashionable look.

Amazon usually sells these for around $100, so it's worth bearing in mind that they're almost 4 times the price of the Lithonia. Plus–how much attention do you normally pay to the light fixture above your head?

Precisely. Very rarely will you look up and take a close look at the fixtures. But–if you think you want to impress people with the way the kitchen looks, this is probably a better option.

Lithonia Lighting 11750 BN M4 Saturn 26-Watt Single-Light Fluorescent Ceiling Fixture

Another option if, if we are sticking with Lithonia–but I have to be honest here–I like their products very much. Although they're not made in the USA, they're extremely well-made and fantastic value for money. This particular one does not put out as much life as the last 2, but it looks great.

He could even–if you wanted–combined with the preceding American, because they're so similar in design. It is really a question of personal preference as to which shape one prefers, although this one is only a single 26 Watt bulb, which is less than half of the proceeding two items.

But–once again, great value for money.

Kichler Lighting 3867AP Polygon 2-Light Island Fixture

This product, and the following product, or probably more suited to the fashion or decorative kitchen rather than the work kitchen, especially if you happen to eat in your kitchen. This Kichler antique look like fixture dates two 100 W bulbs, and puts out a completely different light to the preceding fluorescent lights.

It is at home hanging over either an Island or breakfast bar, or suspended over a kitchen dining table. A word of warning–if you happen to hang it over a table, be sure that you have placed it high enough that anyone said to the table will not back me into, because there are a lot of sharp on the glass.

Once again, Amazon had them on sale (at the time of writing this) at less than $100. Great value for money at this price.

Nuvo Lighting 60/3133 One Light Interior Hanging Dome

This is another item more suited to the decorative or fashion kitchen, but is only really appropriate for hanging over a dining table. I absolutely do not recommend this one for any other use, because there is so much glass.

The reason I am recommending this one is the high-quality from this manufacturer– along with their attention to detail - it even comes with 12 feet of cable.

Royce Lighting RP21869ORB Essex 3-Light Metal Billiard Pendant

Kitchen pendant lighting is another option of course, and these next couple of products are probably the best value for money in that particular category. Once again, these are more suited to the fashionable kitchen rather than the outright working kitchen, because they did not provide enough light to work under. Having said that they are very attractive, and can be used quite creatively to introduce a different look to a kitchen.

This particular model could best be described as “colonial,” in style and it looks as though it would not be out of place in the colonial mansion. Considering the style of lighting this one takes 3 100 W bulbs which actually gives a reasonable amount of light that is very directional. Looks fantastic hanging over kitchen island.

Hardware House 543710 Fixture Pendant

Although the last product it is probably one of our favorite pendant lights, if money is an issue, this model from Hardware House is a stylish and inexpensive alternative Hardware House are another well-respected manufacturer in the industry, and this particular model is probably one of their most popular.

The reason it is so popular is the low price point. If you take a look at Amazon, you're probably going to discover that you can buy this for less than $30, and considering the quality of workmanship, that is a very good deal for a kitchen pendant light.


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