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Cool Tiki Torches

Updated on July 31, 2010

Tiki torches have been popular for a long time and nowadays there are so many variants available. You can go for traditional or opt for solar or some other newfangled green model. There are even uber elegant models of tiki torches these days that even the most sophisticated people wouldn't mind showcasing in their gardens. Besides, you have to admit they are cool, no? They always look good at parties but if you go with the traditional models you really need to sure you set them up properly because the old school variety can be top heavy and you don't really want flaming objects falling over in your garden, especially if you're in the middle of a heatwave or dry spell. So be careful!

Paradise Solar Bamboo Tiki

This very modern and hip tiki torch from Paradise Lighting doesn't require any special wiring and will be up and working in a matter of seconds. Operates via re-chargable solar power and Ni-Cad batteries. The torch is made of weather resistant poly construction. There should be about 6-8 hours of light, provided you've had full sun exposure for charging during the day. So don't store these in the shade!

Lamplight Tiki Island Torch

The flame on this Lamplight Farms tiki torch is 5 times higher than a traditional flame. To re-fill the torch, the head comes off easily and you don't have to touch anything directly to re-fill it, which means less mess for you!

Bronze Tiki Torches

This is a set of 2 tiki torches with a bronze coat finish. They will burn for 6-8 hours. They come with C-clamps for easy set up with your deck, and a snuffer so you can put the flame out easily. That, and the fiberglass wick will never have to be replaced. This model has a perfect review rating so you can be sure you'll enjoy them as much as the other customers have.

Strathwood Tiki Torches

Strathwood makes some gorgeous outdoor d├ęcor. They make fabulous oil lamps and as you can see they have created an elegant tiki torch! There are 2 included in this order so you are really getting your money's worth. They are made from stainless steel and iron and the lamps themselves are made of pewter. They have a snuffer and wick and stand 72 inches tall. You can also use citronella in them to keep the mosquitoes in check!


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