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Copper Repipe Specialist

Updated on December 10, 2012

Copper Repipe Specialist

A copper repipe specialist comes from a very specialized group of plumbing repipe specialist. Instead of just having a general knowledge of repiping, they focus primarily on copper repiping. They are the plumbers you would call if your copper pipes were pumping out dirty water, you lost significant water pressure or you had a leak in your piping lines.

But what is repiping?

Repiping is the process of replacing existing pipes in a home or business. It isn't a quick or temporary fix of your pipes; it is essentially putting new pipes in so that leaks, cracks and other pipe problems can be rectified. Typically a re-piping job takes 1-3 days to complete.

New copper pipes
New copper pipes

Things to Expect from a Copper Repipe Specialist

A Copper Repipe Specialist, if an experienced professional, should first listen to you as you discuss your problem. If you do have copper pipes in your house and you truly need it to be re piped, the specialist will know that. They should also know if you don't need it, and hopefully they would be honest with you about needing or not needing their services.

Often a copper repipe specialist will do a sit down consultation in your house, but they should always do a home inspection. They will find ways to look between your walls and in between your floor joists to:

  1. Determine if you have copper piping
  2. Isolate the problem area(s)
  3. Determine the best course of action (copper pipe repair vs. complete copper repiping job)

Do I Need to Call a Copper Repipe Specialist?

Here are some common issues that will warrant a call to a local copper repipe specialist:

  1. Your water pressure seems significantly lower than usual.
  2. The water coming out of faucets and shower heads in your house smells or looks dirty / mucky.
  3. You suspect that your house is leaking water somewhere (between the walls maybe, or from the ceiling).
  4. Your water looks rusty or yellow colored.
  5. You get scalded in the shower when someone turns water on elsewhere in the house or flushes a toilet.

All of the above reasons are great reasons to call a copper repipe specialist.

Prices of Copper Skyrocketed!

It would seem the price of copper is chasing the price of silver or gold these days! Check out the prices of copper in the news. No wonder so many people are stealing copper pipes out of new construction sites and old homes!

Causes for the Above Plumbing Problems

The above plumbing problems are all caused for a variety of reasons.

  • The build up of rust and corrosion usually leads to low water pressure because the water flow is constricted in the pipes.
  • Rust inside the actual pipes will lead to rusty colored or odorous water. If this is your problem, you probably have a more advanced stage of pipe erosion and should contact a copper repipe specialist immediately.
  • Corrosion over time of your pipes will lead to leaky pipes.

If you have any of the above causes or issues, I would highly recommend contacting a copper repipe specialist ASAP. If you wait, you could experience much more serious water damage issues and even health issues.

It's better to spend a little now to replace your copper pipes and have peace of mind than find out later that you have a more serious problem because you waited.

A Pinhole Leak in Copper Piping

A repipe job where PEX is put in instead of copper piping


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