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Copper Fire Pit : Where to Get the Best Deals

Updated on February 17, 2011
Copper Fire Pit
Copper Fire Pit

Fire Pits are great for the fall and winter months. They make hanging out in the outdoors more enjoyable and provide warmth and and a safe way to have a fire. They come in many different shapes and sizes but the most beautiful and breathtaking has to be a copper fire pit.  Copper starts its life as the shiny metal we are all familiar with but as it ages it stays just as spectacular as ever with its oxidation as it turns a nice green.  Copper is a metal that has class and looks elegant no matter what the time period or other decor it needs to match.

Generally the more copper in a copper fire pit the more expensive it is. This is because copper is an expensive metal, not as expensive as gold but more expensive than the common metals used in most of today's manufacturing. A lot of the copper fire pits have wrought iron legs to hold them off the ground and in place. The deeper the pit means more room for logs and a nice long lasting fire. You may also want to consider a nice cover to keep on your copper fire pit when you are not using it so that your copper fire pit will look as nice as possible for time to come. Most fire pits come with sort of a cheap cover that may last one season at most but nicer ones are always available at a little extra cost.


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