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Cordless Drills Or Corded That Is The Question

Updated on May 29, 2012

To Cord or Not to Cord

We get asked this a lot and really the answer does not change. It all depends on what you plan to use your drill for. That sounds simple, however it can still be a difficult choice to make.

If you do a bit of light duty DIY around the house then you can probably go with a cordless drill. I will explain later.

If you are a trades person working in construction then the cordless drill/power tool is your life-line.

If you are a trades person using the drill for heavy duty work on a regular basis, then corded is probably best (but it is a close run thing these days).

It Really Depends On Use and Personal Choice

The trouble is that there are so many possible combinations. Lets discuss a few it may help you to make your mind up.

DIY'er and Home Improvements

OK so you do a fair bit of DIY or home improvement around the house.

In this case my choice would be a cordless drill and probably just one battery. You just make sure you charge the battery overnight and during breaks and all will be fine.

The obvious advantage is that you can just do the job without having to drag an extension mains lead about. Most drills now have plenty of torque and will handle most DIY type jobs from drilling concrete or metal to drilling wood.

If you do a lot of driver work (drilling and screwing) then a second battery would be a wise investment. Just keep one on charge whilst you use the other.

Trades Person - Light Construction

If you work in the construction business and spend most of your time on site then the modern cordless power tools are a godsend. Just remember what it used to be like on a construction site a few years back. Fighting for extension leads, trying not to get caught up in the tangle of power cords.

Anyone working on first or second fix just can't live without a good quality cordless drill/driver. And they should also have a backup set of batteries to keep them productive.

Corded vs Cordless

Heavier than cordless
Lead Length + Extension Lead
No Restriction
Continuous with backup battery
Long but may require replacement battery

Buying Power Tools

So now you understand what the issues are you can make a more educated decision regarding your new drill.

There are many good brands of power tool available for you to choose from. The best strategy is to search online for the type of tool you require. Then see the brands available. Please do not make your buying choice on price alone. Look for features and specification first then price and availability.

I think this may need a follow-up hub??


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    • totalia profile image

      totalia 6 years ago

      I like cordless drill

    • surveyequipment profile image

      Rich Sale 6 years ago from Sandy

      Thanks Amy

    • Amy Gillie profile image

      Amy Gillie 6 years ago from Indiana

      This hub is interesting and well organized. Voted up!