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Be Free With A Cordless Electric Kettle

Updated on March 20, 2011

Not much is more satisfying than a perfect, freshly steeped mug of instant coffee or tea. Whether you prefer your tea with or without cream; with two sugars, one or none at all; the most imperative thing is getting that daily coffee or tea fix.

A cordless electric kettle is perfect for brewing a mug of tea swiftly and with ease. While numerous aficionados may still own a conventional stove-top kettle, there are numerous justifications for purchasing a cordless electric kettle. The single, simplest reason is that they are convenient. A cordless electric kettle is by far simpler to use as it merely needs to be filled with a certain measure of water and then you push a button. In just a short time the water will be ready and you'll be enjoying a hot, delectable mug of tea.

A Chef's Choice cordless kettle is a popular choice!
A Chef's Choice cordless kettle is a popular choice!

Another justification is for safety reasons. Although numerous individuals would assume that the stove-top kettle would be more secure because it employs zero electricity and is consequently not linked to any electrical cables, a cordless electric kettle design is typically safer. The reasoning for this is merely that many cordless water kettles automatically turn off should they become overheated or if there is not a satisfactory measure of water present. However, this isn't true of each kettle model; this is a security measure that is being assimilated into many new cordless electric kettles.

Regrettably, similar cannot be stated for conventional kettles. Conventional kettles don't possess an auto-off feature and should they be forgotten on the stovetop with no water you may find yourself with a burned out kettle. This issue can be very problematic, so if you end up purchasing a stove-top kettle, it's imperative to be cautious when using it.

What To Look For In A Cordless Electric Kettle

Be sure to purchase a nice looking or even a designer cordless kettle. After all, it will be displayed on your kitchen counter most of the time instead of put away in a sideboard, so it's nice to have one that goes with all your other appliances. Most likely this is the single kitchen device that you will use on a daily basis, maybe - provided you're a true java fiend - more than once a day. Therefore you should be sure that you are satisfied with your choice of cordless water kettle and that you've chosen a design that is appropriate for your decor.

If you're buying the cordless electric kettle for a workplace or office it may be smart to choose one with a somewhat larger than usual water reservoir. This means you'll be able to prepare enough tea for each of your colleagues and associates and not have to use up valuable time boiling water more than once.

Many Kinds of Electric Cordless Kettles

There are any number of distinct designs of cordless electric kettles, over and above all of the conventional, stovetop versions. While a lot of people opt for a simple design, there are a variety of extra details to look for.

For instance, owning a cordless electric kettle seems to be standard now and even though they cost somewhat more than the regular type, they are definitely worth the cash, provided they satisfy your needs. One feature to consider in a cordless electric kettle is if it's energy efficient. This means it will be better for the environment, and since it uses less energy, it will be easier on your wallet too.

Buying a Cordless Water Kettle

If you want to purchase a special cordless electric kettle; for instance, a designer model or energy efficient model, the internet is the best place to start looking.


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    • Hal Licino profile imageAUTHOR

      Hal Licino 

      8 years ago from Toronto

      They're great, and virtually universal in the UK but not so common on this side of the pond.

    • SteveoMc profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      I think this will be the exact kind of thing I need for my new room this year. It makes is possible for the staff to come in and have a cup of tea.


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