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Cordless Electric Knife

Updated on May 26, 2010

Cordless Electric Knife = Freedom

 What is it like to jerk your electric knife around without having to worry about cutting the cord that makes it go. Cordless for the electic knife is wirless for the computer. It makes your workspace so much simpler to work in.

You can take your cordless electric knife with you on vacations and camping trips without a problem. Just bring extra batteries or a charger. And never take your knife on an airplane. "It's a cordless electric" doesn't seem to get you through airport security. But if you are driving to your destination, you will be ready to cut and carve anything that comes in your path.


Maintain Battery Life

To keep that charge at its optimal level, follow proper care techniques. Make sure first of all that you never charge the batteries for eight days straight, thinking you will get the battery to last for an eternity. Just read the instructions of your particular model, it is usually only a few hours before your cordless electric knife is ready for action.

Drink a lot of booze while cleaning your knife, seriously. Rub your booze or any alcohol onto the knife for sterile cleaning in the area where the batteries go. This will give the batteries some extra "juice" next time you start up the old blade.

Temperature is somewhat important when charging up your batteries. A battery trapped in heat will not vent as well and will not charge as well as one charging at room temperature. I mean, don't place your battery charger on the windowsill. A rule of thumb: if you wouldn't put your baby there, don't put your cordless electric knife battery charger there either. 

Fishing with a Cordless

 Since you don't have a cord, you are not bound to household carving. The electric cordless knife allows you to go fishing and bring with you an array of carrying blades and utility blades for any type of carving job you would need on a fishing trip.

Sitting out on the boat, drinking beers and wasting time? Running low on that electric knife battery? Who cares! They come with rechargeable batteries. So you can just buy an extra set and then recharge them both when you get home. Drinking a lot? Get another extra set or three of rechargeable batteries and then do some serious recharging once you have brought home a boatload of fish.


What to Look For In A Cordless Electric Knife

 Well, you already have the most important feature in an electric knife if you have decided to get a cordless one. This allows you to forget about kitchen outlets so you can start carving from the barn if you so desire.

Make sure the knife you get has two blades. This way, you can get carving action done on both sides. A double blade could get you twice the work done in each motion.

Battery life is definitely something to look at when buying a cordless electric knife. Who wants a knife that runs out of energy after 5 minutes of use? Spend the extra dollars for a long lasting battery. It defeats the benefit of having a cordless if you can't finish your carving without having to recharge the batteries.


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    • profile image

      briangabriel 7 years ago from WA

      So many ways to play with knives :} A summer day fishing in a bad boat. What a dream!Thanks for the comment stevehp!

    • stevehp profile image

      Steven 7 years ago from Texas

      Great idea using one of those for fishing purposes! I would never have thought of that.