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Cornelia Rose A Hybrid Musk

Updated on September 4, 2016

Cornelia Is a hybrid musk with large fragrant flowers all year in flat clusters. Cornelia is extremely vigorous, can grow 8 to 10 feet tall in warmer climates. In the fall Cornelia will provide a display of hips.

Honey Bees love the Cornelia Rose, so if you are a beekeeper and love honey or rose honey, I think Cornelia will serve you well.. Or if you need bees to pollinate your garden, then you can't go wrong with this rose. Not only is this rose bush beautiful in its own right but useful as well.

Caring For Cornelia Rosa

To care for Your Cornelia Rose:

Grow in fertile, moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. Provide good air circulation and remove any leaves that have fallen, this will help to prevent disease. Prune lightly or back by up to one-third, reduce any side shoots by half one-third.

Keep the soil Moist but not soggy.

Cornelia unlike most will tolerate some shade.

Hybrid Musk Examples


Stop And Smell The Roses

"Because it triggers powerful images and emotions."

"A smell can be over- whelmingly nostalgic". writes naturalist and poet Diane Ackerman in A Natural History Of The Senses,

A Nosegay: is a small flower bouquet, and is sometimes called a tussie-mussie or a posey,

A Nosegay is small bouquet of fragrant flowers and or herbs, that have been tied in a bundle, usually given as a gift , and originally intended to be put to the nose for the pleasant sensation, or to mask unpleasant odors.

The nosegay was once considered the favored gift to give to a beloved woman. One of the most intimate moments to experience is to watch someone lean into a small nosegay and drink in the fragrance. this fragrance as well as the occasion will be forever locked in her memory , whatever the smell maybe, rather very subtle or highly intoxicating.

A tussie mussie is a small roundish shape bouquet like a nosegay, it carries a symbolic meaning that is based upon the the language of flowers, this is where certain flowers represent specific sentiments. They were most commonly exchanged by lovers, they would send messages to one another that was based upon the flowers that were being used in the bouquet. Tussie Mussies traditionally are arranged in a cone- or cornucopia-shaped container, made of tin or silver, with a chain attached for carrying as well as hanging the bouquet.

Even in the smallest of spaces, there is room for a bouquet of flowers.

Symbolic meaning of flowers

Love is reciprocated
Morning glory
Love in vain
Baby's Breath
Innocence, pure of heart
Unrequited love, selfishness
Bachelor button
Single blessedness, celibacy
Undying love
Refined beauty
Elegance and dignity
Peach blossom
Long-life, generosity, and bridal hope
Elder flower
Rose, thornless
Love at first sight
True love
"You have my thanks"
Strength of character, honor, conviction
Violet, purple
A magic spell
"Return my affection"
Devotion, distrust
These are just a few of the flowers and their meanings . There are many more.

Name That Rose

Even though it has been well over 30 years since the new classifications were recommended, it seem gardeners as well as growers are clinging to the old names that are most familiar.Cluster flowers roses are still referred to as floribundas, large flowered roses described as hybrid teas,in everyday conversations, catalogues and in rose garden labels.

Love of the Old Fashioned Garden Roses

Planting A Rose In Less Sunlight ,While we all love to grow roses in our gardens, many gardeners don't have a spot that gets full sun. This video talks about, a

Encyclopedia of Roses


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    • faythef profile image

      Faythe Payne 5 years ago from USA

      Thank You for the visit Peggy W.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      This was interesting. The Cornelia rose bush sounds like a beauty! Thanks for telling us about it...and the other flowers mentioned in your hub.

    • faythef profile image

      Faythe Payne 5 years ago from USA are welcome and thanks for the visit

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for this on Cornelia rose and a look at roses/flowers in general!


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