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Could a Sleep Number Bed Help You to Better Sleep?

Updated on August 2, 2016

There is a bewildering range of bed and mattress types on the market and a lot of information about them. There are several comprehensive articles on to help you sort out which might be a good one for you but in this hub I hope to explain what a Sleep Number bed is and what its benefits and distractions are.


What is a Sleep Number bed?

Where traditional mattresses are made from steel coils/springs, the Sleep Number mattress is made up of air pockets. These air pockets can be inflated and deflated to suit your comfort needs and the number you inflate or deflate to is your ‘sleep number’. Simple as that.

The great thing about this is that if you and your bed partner prefer different firmness in a mattress, then you can both be comfortable. The dual chamber Sleep Number bed allows you and your partner to control the softness/firmness of your respective sides of the bed.

How does the Sleep Number bed work?

A remote control allows you to dial up the number that you want, inflating or deflating the air cells we talked about above. The scale goes from 0 (very soft) to 100 (very firm) and you can adjust this at any time. Your number will depend on your sleeping style, weight and height.

Why might a Sleep Number bed be better than an ordinary one?

We’ve talked about the benefit of being able to adjust each side for different partners’ comfort. In addition to this:

1. If a conventional mattress/bed has left you struggling for good quality sleep for any reason and you haven’t tried a good quality air mattress before, then it could be the answer. This is especially true if you have a medical problem that stops you getting comfortable. Conditions such as arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and fibromyalgia are examples.

2. If you and the person you sleep with are significantly different in weight you could find that even with the best quality traditional mattresses, you ‘roll together’ which means you end up in the middle of the bed together whether you want to be there or not! Having your own mattress adjusted for your comfort and weight should prevent this.

3. Motion transfer is the disturbance one person suffers when the other person in the bed moves. It happens with traditional mattresses, especially as they age but not with the Sleep Number bed.

4. For heavily pregnant women the Sleep Number bed can be a boon because the varying softness/firmness supports you during the most uncomfortable stages of pregnancy.

5. Many brands are hypoallergenic which means the growth of moulds and bacteria is discouraged by chemicals used during the manufacturing process. Check with your retailer for specifics on this. Sleepers with allergieswill benefit from it.

6. These beds are easy to assemble and some models let you raise the end of the bed if you need to do this for medical reasons (circulatory problems etc).

7. They’re easy to use.

8. Many retailers will offer a free or a money-back 30 day trial which is great as these beds come with a price tag.

How much do Sleep Number beds cost?

  • Depending on the size, style and accessories you go for, they can cost between $1000-$5000. However:
  • Compare prices and brands.
  • Look for free/money-back trials.
  • Look for good service and someone who will help you with YOUR purchase not someone who just wants to sell you a bed.
  • Look for a good warranty – up to 20 years would be ideal as it shows the maker has good faith in the product.
  • Look for high quality standards of production.

What are the problems with Sleep Number beds?

  • Finding the right number for your comfort can take a little time so be prepared.
  • Because it’s an air mattress so avoid having sharp objects in/on the bed. They’re pretty robust but this could invalidate the warranty.
  • Some customers complain of mould growth which is why I’ve recommended looking for a mattress with fungicides and antibacterial agents used during the manufacturing processes.


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