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Country Bedspread

Updated on March 16, 2011

Why Choose a Country Bedspread

Are you trying to create a nice looking country theme in a bedroom in your house? If you are than you may want to consider a country bedspread as the main focal point of the bedroom. Even if you are not going for a country theme this style bedspread can still look very nice in your home.

When using a country bedspread in your home you will have many options when decorating the rest of the room. Almost any wall color can go with a country bedspread. The best way to choose wall color however is to choose a non dominant color in the bedspread and use this on the walls.

A country bedspread go's good with rustic looking furniture. Furniture that is stained a dark color or that is made from wrought iron is considered rustic furniture in my eyes. It will also match white painted furniture well.

Country Decor

With a country bedspread the most likely theme of your bedroom will be, you guessed it country. You could decorate the rest of the room with a modern, traditional, or Victorian theme but the room will often look disorganized.

While we have already discussed wall color above, you must also decide on colors that will be used on other accent pieces. These accent pieces include anything that is made from fabric that will be used in the room. The best way to do this is to choose colors from the bedspread and use this on items through out the room.

One often over loooked part of the room that you should pay careful attention to is window curtains. When purchasing the bedspread it is often best to also buy a window treatments at the same time. Having matching window treatments and bedding will go a long way in making the room come together.

Country bedspreads can be found at most specialty bedding stores and are also available on-line. Be sure to purchase the correct bedding size and feel the material the bedding is made from before purchasing. After all it will be against your skin all night you will want a comfortable fabric.

Country bedspreads can be found for sale online at and also eBay for example.

Country Bedspread
Country Bedspread


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