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Crazy life of a Realtor

Updated on July 11, 2016

All in a days work

Realtors…….many things come to people’s minds when they hear that title…..Houses, wealthy people, nice cars, good looking people, shady people, money , well-dressed people, people you can’t trust, people you can trust…..and maybe someone that you want to be? Many consider becoming one, and many do. However on the flip side as fast as people are becoming real estate agents, they are also leaving the profession. Maybe you wonder why that would be?
Well, I would like to tell you my story. My story is not over as it continues every day. Every day seems to add an adventure that I can tell. I want to share the many adventures I have encountered. Some are funny, some scary, some are weird and others just plain made me cry. Honestly, real life can be stranger than fiction! Of course, I am changing names and some details, including my own name as I cannot disclose private information. However even with some details changed you will get the picture of what happened and what a realtor can and often does encounter in their daily job.
Maybe after you read this you will be racing off to start you own career, or maybe you will be smart and keep doing what you are already doing. Either way, I hope to provide you will a good story to tell.
Before I begin the stories, I want to make sure everyone understands a few basic things about Real estate agents. They are as follows:
1. We are SELF-EMPLOYED! This means we each work for ourselves! Yes we answer to our broker BUT we do not get paid by the hour. We get paid if and when we sell a house. So yes there is no limit to how much we can make but guess what???? There is NO BOTTOM as to how much we do not make! As in I can spend thousands of dollars advertising, complete my schooling to get my license, pay to do yearly continuing education to keep my license, MLS dues, yearly board of realtors dues, and the many, many other things we pay for to keep our job going……..and yet never even sell a house. So when I say there is NO BOTTOM, I mean it! I might make a 100 grand a year but I might not, I might make nothing and spend 20 grand making nothing… get the picture? Can be scary!
2. We do not get paid time off, benefits, sick pay, set hours, weekends off, evenings off and so forth. If I want to eat this month then I must sell a house! You call me at 6 am? I just might answer! Call me at 11 pm? Again sadly I just might answer.
3. It is a cut-throat industry! Many of the agents do know each other and many are great people. However if you are not doing your job you will lose prospects to other agents and they will take them from you! Never forget that.
4. We get burned out! Yes, we worry that our phone will not ring, and therefore we are out of business but the other way is true as well. Some things we fantasize about throwing our cell phones in the river and then disappear.
5. We are not therapists, tour guides, floor mats to be walked on, punching bags, or your best friend. However, trust me you will be talked to like you are a person’s therapist and that you are supposed to fix all their problems in life, You will be walked on like you are nothing but a doormat, you will be the punching bag that gets yelled at, sworn at and so forth just because you are the messenger of bad news. Sometimes you will be treated as the best friend going for a joy ride (this is not so bad if they buy a house!)
6. Many of our past clients are treasured memories. Finding them a house to buy or to help sell a house was a great experience that we treasure and will not forget. Not to mention referrals from our clients really truly are a lifeline to an agent. Great clients are truly appreciated and are what keeps an agent going.

Stay tuned for my many adventures! Follow my Hub and let me know your thoughts!


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