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Create Country Chic in Your Bathroom

Updated on March 11, 2012

Country Themes

Country bathroom themes bring a bit of whimsy and warmth to the room most often overlooked as a decorating canvas. Continue your decorating style from the rest of the house, or indulge your imagination with a totally different design. Tie every room together by keeping a common color throughout, whether as the primary color of a wall or an accent shade in another room. Don't be afraid to use decorating touches that are more usually found in other rooms.

Country Lodge

Add hardwood or laminate floors in your bath. Keep your feet warm with a black bear rug in front of the sink. Appliqué calico triangle trees onto hunter green, navy and coffee towels and face cloths and add triangle trees to your hunter and navy plaid shower curtain. Set out a black bear toilet paper holder, soap dish and toothbrush holder to continue the lodge theme. Stencil a moose or two on a small wooden bucket and store guest linens and toiletries inside. A little evergreen potpourri will add just the right finishing touch.



Carry your country bathroom themes back to the farm with distressed cabinets faced with chicken wire shutters; use crackle medium to paint the cabinets and recycle old shutters for the new doors. Warm the floor with braided rag rugs and add a ticking or gingham shower curtain that you have stenciled or cross-stitched with chickens, cows, lambs, pigs, or other farm animals. Use small galvanized troughs and wash tubs to hold soaps, hand towels and face cloths. Add a farmyard toilet paper holder and a tractor toothbrush holder. Bring the outdoors to your bath with lemon-vanilla scented potpourri or oils.

Country Garden

Bring your garden indoors with this country bathroom theme. Paint the bottom half of the cabinets a soft green, the top half with a light blue. Add flowers and birdhouses to the green grass and puffy white clouds to the sky; paint a few dragonflies and grasshoppers in the garden.

Paint small flowers and butterflies on the back splash and shower tiles. On your shower curtain, paint or appliqué a collection of birdhouses and flowers with hummingbirds and butterflies flitting around.

Add a small picket fence window screen and twine real or silk ivy around the pickets. Choose bright, flower-hued towels that you embellish with floral-print ribbon or bias tape. Place flower-shaped rugs to the floor, a small planter box with potted real or silk flowers on the toilet tank and a bowl of floral potpourri.

With just a little time, a little creativity and some country bathroom themes, you can design the perfect addition to the rest of your country home’s decorating style.


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