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Creating Focal Points In Your Decor Part 2

Updated on February 27, 2010

Invest in innovative decorative hardware to further accentuate your focal-point window. Some ideas include decorative curtain rods, an eye-catching valance or draperies with exquisite color or fabrication. Enhance curtains with novelty trims that add pizzazz. Innovative window coverings used as focal points especially pop when featured in rooms that contain subdued or muted-colored wall coverings and furnishings.

In a themed room, creating a focal point through the use of wall coverings is especially dynamic. In a young child's room, display a whimsical flair by selecting an accent wall to highlight. For a retro-looking 1960s theme, consider painting your accent wall using a shade that already exists in your selected color scheme. Then, stencil peace signs or "flower power" designs above the bed's headboard, which will rest in front of the accent wall. Spotlight a garden-themed room that boasts a handsome window and view by framing the window with garden-motif wallpaper border. Select a simple solid-colored valance, so as not to deter from the view. Complete the look by placing picket fencing (easily painted to coordinate with the border) underneath the window sill.

Floor coverings can easily serve as a distinctive focal point within a home, particularly in a front entry. A front entrance can often set the tone for a guest's perception of the rest of your home's interior. Utilize pattern and color to create an imaginative design in conjunction with your existing flooring, from ceramic tile to travertine stone. Combine decorative pieces of stone or tile in interesting patterns to establish a focal point in your foyer that ties in with the rest of your flooring. Consider adding contrasting colored tiles or placing stone at various angles to create interest. Highlight your flooring focal point further with a spotlight that is controlled by a dimmer switch, enabling you to control the intensity of light reflecting on the space.

Add a decorative focal point to a master bedroom by incorporating color, pattern and texture in the bed design. Select a bedding ensemble that complements neutral wall and window coverings in a dramatic manner. Add texture with decorative pillows in exciting fabrics or sumptuous throws at the foot of the bed. To add further interest, create a romantic canopy effect by draping sheer fabric that puddles at the floor.

Ceiling treatments such as bold beams, decorative paint techniques or pressed tin can easily function as an anchor in any room. Adorning the ceiling is a "hot" decorating trend that can add color and dimension to a defined space. Consider installing decorative spotlighting to highlight your ceiling focal point during the evening hours.

Use your imagination when creating a focal point for a designated space. Consider the existing color scheme and textures, as well as the scale of the furnishings within the space. Use interesting decorative accessories, wall, window and floor coverings to form the basis of your focal point. The end result will be a space that is visually united and contains a prominent highlighted feature that customizes your space and reflects your distinct decorating style. Try designing a room with special attention to the focal point, you'll be very pleasantly surprised at the results.

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