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Creating Guest Room in Minimal Space

Updated on August 15, 2013

Sofa Bed

Not everyone is able to have a spare room allocated for guests, but most of us would like to have the opportunity to invite family and friends to stay when required. The most obvious answer would be a sofa bed in the living room, and this is fine if you have a separate living room, but today many houses are built with an open plan design and often the living area is a way through to other areas and people are passing through or within sight of the sofa most of the time. This is inconvenient when a guest is staying over on a day off but the house residents are all rushing around to get ready for work in the morning.

Divan Bed with Drawers
Divan Bed with Drawers

Divan Bed

Most homes have a home office these days, and this would be an ideal place to fit a sofa bed, or at least an armchair that opens to a single bed. Before adding a chest of drawers to an office space; think about putting in a divan bed with drawers in the base, which would give you two very large drawers for storage and also provide a single guest bed, which can have throw cushions on top to be used as a sofa at other times.

Both Very Comfy
Both Very Comfy


In a child's or teenager’s bedroom, a high sleeper bed could be included, with a study desk and armchair underneath, with the armchair converting to a guest bed, or the main bed could have a hide-a-bed folded underneath; these ideas are great for when children want their friends to sleep over.

2 Singles Make a Double

Children Share

Making room for an adult couple to stay poses a greater challenge however; especially when space is limited. With two children who each have their own room, it would be an idea to have bunk beds or a hide-a-bed in one of the rooms, so that there is a spare single bed at all times, while in the other child's room you could have one of the specially designed beds with another hidden underneath, that when rolled out is exactly the same height and the two together can make a double, or if the room is large enough, have a sofa bed as well as the child's own bed. Any of these ideas will provide the alternative for the two children to share the first room when guests arrive, so that the guests may use the second room.

Perfect for a Conservatory

If your home has a conservatory or sun room, then this is the ideal place for a sofa bed, as long as you have curtains or blinds fitted. You may even find some stylish rattan furniture that will fit in well with the conservatory, but could also include a sofa bed for guests.

When you are in a small one-bedroom apartment or studio and there is absolutely no room even for a sofa bed, then you might look at the new designs of air mattresses; which are surprisingly comfortable and are often self- inflating, so no hassle there either. These can be folded up and stored away; taking up very little space, and then when required and inflated can be set up on the floor anywhere.

Drop Down Sofa Bed
Drop Down Sofa Bed

Comfy Sofa Bed

While the ideal would be to have a spare room, realistically this is not very likely, and the perfect solution is a plush and comfortable sofa bed, which provides comfy seating at all times, and a luxurious guest bed when needed.

Pull Out Sofa Bed


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    • whatswhatnow profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Spain

      Thank you dianew, much appreciated!

    • dianew profile image


      5 years ago from Spain

      Great hub as usual, very useful ideas, thanks. Voted up and useful, keep them coming!


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