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Creating Positive Energy in Your Bedroom

Updated on February 24, 2011

Statistics say, we spend half our lives in bed or at least a large part of it. Why shouldn’t our bed and bedroom be a place that's sacred and filled with good energy. Do you go to bed, whenever that may be, with the blankets all a mess, leave the sheets on for a few weeks at a time or have clutter around your bed and other things in the room that may interfere with the good energy flow to your bed and to you?

Changing your sheets so they’re clean, having the blankets neat and in order, making sure your pillows are in good shape and the right size for you, not ones that will cause you pain in your neck or back and a clean, uncluttered bedroom is best. Also, clean windows to allow in good light, moonlight or good energy too, is important for getting a peaceful, restful sleep and helping with better dreams. Let’s not forget, “if” you choose to have a good sex life and intimacy, these things are also important, having the same effect on your love life as your physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Your bed can be a place of peace and meditation, before you go to sleep or spend quality time with someone you love.

It’s good to take time to meditate, clear your chakras, release the thoughts flowing through your mind, do a small ritual or mantra to release the energy of the day and relax, let go and gain good positive energy from your rest and sleep.

I love it when my bedroom and my bed is inviting and the energy feels good. Clean sheets that smell good and fresh, having my blankets in order, my pillows clean and with pillow cases that fit well are always nice to lay upon. I do my best to keep clutter to a minimum, not having too many books or things out of place. I have crystals on my night table, no curtains, but blinds and one picture hanging over the bed, in purples and blues, or whatever colors relax you, but most warm or cool colors help us to relax. I sometimes play music when I first go to bed, zen, instrumental, new age type music that's relaxing, no words and flow like the energy.

We all have times when our bedrooms and our homes get a bit chaotic and we need to create and attract some positive, cleansing energy. Incense and dried white sage, cedar or sandalwood are good to help clear negative energy. Try not to burn it in the bedroom too close to bedtime, especially in a small room or if you have breathing issues. Our breathing changes when we sleep and if some people are sensitive to smoke, burning an hour or more before bedtime will allow you to still have the lingering smell and energy, but no smoke. Candles are a great way to bring the energy up and relaxing too. Use caution when burning candles and incense near your bed. Don't forget to blow them out before going to sleep. Opening your windows, even in the winter for a little while, can be good to let out the stagnant energy and bring in some fresh air to circulate the nice, positive energy and scents.

Do your best not to argue in the bedroom if possible, due to lingering energy, but if it does happen, you can use some of the methods I've mentioned to cleanse, clear and bring the energy back to a good place. Making up can be a good way too. Forgiving and letting it go, creating harmony and balance once again.

Keeping your bedroom, sleeping area and home un-cluttered and filled with love, good energy, things that feel good to you and those that live there, is important to helping energy flow well and not get stagnant and cause other issues in your life. It's not always possible to have a home that looks like a magazine photo, but if it feels good to you, that's what matters.

Please read another of my articles. Thank you~

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