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Creating Your Own Sacred Space

Updated on July 11, 2011

Fill Your Space With Good Energy

Outdoor Sacred Space
Outdoor Sacred Space | Source

Creating your own sacred space is all about what you love and what you feel love from, and what you would like surrounding you. Sacred Space can be indoors, outdoors or both. The first step to creating sacred space is defining what helps you feel peace and good energy. Everything has its own energy and all energy is different. For me, I love so many things, its not difficult for me to find energy that feels good when I choose what to have around me in my home, office, outdoors spaces or gardens.

For indoor sacred space, you may want to have some of things you love around you. Indoor plants help create earthy energy within our indoor spaces and we can lavish them with attention. I put crystals in my house plants and their energies work very well together. I collect all sorts of things and keep them around me, all throughout my space. I love wolves and dogs so I have a lot of wolf and dog pictures and the dogs themselves are great, with their sweet energy and unconditional love, laying under my desk where I put a dog bed, letting them know their welcome!

My home office is filled with pictures of things I love, my angel and faerie collection, bears and bunnies, tons of crystals and stones, plants and stained glass. I also have a glass cabinet for those very special things I want to display, but not have touched! I have hundreds of books and the bookshelves are stocked with a wide variety. I love to read and write and I've loved books since I was a child. I respect books and part of sacred space is about respect and harmony. Your space is filled with things you love, cherish and find, "Divine" energy within and are a part of you in some ways.

What we define as "sacred," is different for everyone. It's your space and your own intent and energy goes into it. Color can also play a part in our sacred spaces because we surround ourselves with the colors that make us feel good and want those colors around us too.

I keep baskets in my office and have a few special ones filled with crystals and stones. When I have visits from my Grandchildren I show them a basket and tell them to touch the stones and tell me which ones they like the best. In the basket are a variety of river rocks, crystals, stones and rocks from the beach. They love doing this with me and I tell them when their old enough, they can have the ones they pick to keep in their room, but only when their old enough to know how to handle them and not put them in their mouths and cause harm. I teach them to respect the stones and crystals, feel the different energies and to also respect my sacred space by only touching what they're allowed to touch. We make this a special time, a sacred time. It's a great way to spend time with them and learn at the same time!

Outdoor sacred space can be your flower garden with an angel or Buddha statue or a gazing ball or wind chimes, with a bench to sit on. Pathways that lead to quiet hideaways in the forest, or to a stream nearby. Your patio, your yard, or even the porch with potted plants and wind chimes is wonderful for watching nature all around you. Even in the city you can find ways to have potted plants on your balcony, wind chimes in your windows, herbs and plants growing in your home, crystals, music or just a window seat to hide away for a little while and read a good book or magazine. If you don't have much outdoors to work with, no yard or trees, you can bring nature indoors, therefore creating a natural sacred space inside. You may choose a small table top waterfall, plants, trees and all sorts of things, be creative! If you live in the country, then your imagination can go wild with all the ways of creating sacred space, but for me, its all about peace and feeling that "deep breath" feeling when you go into a space that's been made special just for you, by you, and with the help of some of the things you love.

Remember, one of the most important things about your sacred space is that its a little hide-away for you and those you "allow" there with you. The space should be cleansed if you feel it needs it. You can actually clean the space which helps its energy and burn incense, smudge or ask for help from the angels and faeries to help you with the positive energy. Make sure when you're creating your sacred space, that your intent is positive and that it will be a haven of harmony for you and all that enter there.

Tips and ideas:

· Surround yourself with things you love, that have good memories, pictures of those you love is a great idea!

· Keep your Sacred Space cleansed and clear of negative energy by smudging or burning incense and opening windows often to let out stagnant energy and let in good fresh air!

· Crystals help keep the energy around us clear and positive, remember crystals need to be cleansed often to help them do their job and keep the energy good.

· Keep your plants healthy to help maintain good energy too.

· Clutter can stagnate energy and cut off its flow. Try to toss out things not needed any longer, give them to someone who wants or needs them and feel the difference in the energy!

· Keep things you don't want touched by others or broken, up or away for protection.

· Remember to be grateful for the space you have and stay positive. :)

· Be careful about clutter, stagnant energy and letting some people touch your, "stuff" because they can leave energy behind.

· Cleanse your items in your sacred pace more often if people are in and out of that space.

· Don't leave precious small items outside if you live in a populated area because they could get stolen or destroyed by the weather. If they are stolen, wish the person well and ask that the item they stole bless them as it has blessed you!


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    • Mystiblu profile imageAUTHOR

      Fran Hafey 

      7 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Thank you izettl, I'm glad you enjoyed my article and appreciate having some of your own sacred space. I understand about toddlers. My children are grown, we have dogs & sometimes they're similar! Water is a wonderful way to find peace & recharge our energy. I love some of your articles & plan on commenting very soon. Thanks for coming by. Peace~

    • izettl profile image

      Laura Izett 

      7 years ago from The Great Northwest

      wonderful hub! I can appreciate a sacred space- I have a toddler and there is no such thing, but you better believe as soon as she gets more independent, I will be claiming some space of my own again. I love to be outdoors but in a controlled outdoor setting so not on a far out hiking trail, but rather a lovely garden or a deck overlooking the beach. I think water, at least for me, is so important. my next investment will be a fountain or water design of some sort for my yard.And the clutter point is great- it's easy for a small space to get cluttered feeling.


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