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Creating a Beautiful Boudoir with the Help of Decorative Wood Veneers

Updated on July 16, 2016

Picture the scene: you’re relaxing in your bedroom, having some you time. You’ve created a cosy snug with a super-soft comforter, plenty of cushions and subtle lighting. You’re admiring your surroundings and feeling inspired.

Your bedroom furnishings have been designed using natural timbers, and the patterns in the grain are truly amazing. Your wardrobe doors are crafted from an exotic timber and the natural burrs and knots are a real focal point. They’ve been designed so that the grains all flow consistently, directing the eye around the room to the matching cabinets and chests of drawers. Even the bedroom doors and skirting boards have been matched up to complete the look.

But how do you create such a look using natural timber? The answer is by using veneers.

Real wood veneers allow for the achievement of the beautiful features that timber naturally offers. The burrs and knots and the flow of the wood grain are all accomplished by applying certain cutting and matching methods. It is something that cannot be achieved with solid wood, and what is more, using veneers is far more ecologically friendly as far less of the tree is needed to craft each piece.

Wood Veneering for Bedrooms

For bedrooms, veneered panels can be used to update or upgrade the fronts of existing fitted furniture, as well as being applied to new units during manufacture.

It’s not just wardrobes and furniture that can be veneered – entire rooms can be designed using standard or exotic veneers, with the theme running into your ensuite bathroom or dressing room if desired.

Veneer woodworking in a bedroom can be used for:

  • Wardrobes & armoires
  • Cabinets & chests
  • Dressers
  • Headboards
  • Privacy screens
  • Wall & ceiling panelling
  • Bedroom doors and skirting

Exotic or Subtle: The Choice is Yours

There is an extensive choice when it comes to wood veneering thanks to a multitude of timbers. Whether you go for something exotic and heavily patterned with natural burrs, swirls and knots, or you go more for a subtle grained look is up to you. Talk to your interior designer or a joinery professional and they will show you swatches of an array of options.

Some people opt to mix different timbers that naturally work well together, and this gives an even more striking appeal.

Whatever you go for, with a wood veneer finish you are going to create something very special indeed. Enjoy the experience, and enjoy your beautifully finished bedroom!


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