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Creating a Bedroom Decor Around Nautical Bedding

Updated on June 19, 2010

The Nautical Bedding Decor

A simple nautical bedding decor is ideal for beach cottages, homes along the river or lake, and for almost any child's bedroom. We must remember that nautical bedding is appropriate for baby crib bedding sets, toddlers, kids of all ages, and adults. The theme may be central to the decor, but the style can be extremely varied.

Nautical Decor begins with bedding selections
Nautical Decor begins with bedding selections

Setting the Theme

To set the nautical theme in any bedroom, it is essential to begin with the bedding selections. Choose the colors, usually a combination of blue, white, and often red, or a lighter tan. The most common color found in the nautical decor is a shade of blue, either navy, medium blue, or even a very light blue --- all true blue shades.

It is not necessary to have anchors or starfish as a part of the bedding pattern. However, most kids nautical bedding decor does include appliques of boats, anchors, or other patterns that remind us of the sea. Adult linens are generally more subtle, leaving it to the accessories and wall decor to define the theme.

Baby Crib Nautical Bedding and Decor

To begin the discussion of the nautical theme in the bedroom, it is simplest to begin with the nursery. Many coastal residents love decorating the nursery in the nautical theme. The crib sets are obvious. The baby comforter may be a patchwork of anchors or sailboats, all colorful and very prominent.

Most nautical bedding designed for cribs seems to be done in the baby blue background, designating it for the little boy.  However, for the expectant mom and dad with a little girl on the way, many crib sets have a touch of pink allowing them to accessorize with pink to turn the theme entirely feminine.

Baby Crib Bedding Set in Nautical Theme
Baby Crib Bedding Set in Nautical Theme

If there is one benefit to decorating with this decor in the nursery is that most crib sets now come with a fitted sheet, comforter, bumpers, often a crib skirt and occasionally a diaper hamper --- all done in the theme.

Accessories, such as lamp shades, light switches and even mobiles are designed to match many of the crib sets. All this makes decorating much easier for the expectant parents than one might imagine.

In fact, in some cases a single set may contain up to 9 or more pieces, completely taking the guesswork out of decorating for the newborn.

Matching valences may be included with the set or may be purchased separately. Please note that even the wall hangings are created in the same pattern for the nursery. While this may be a touch over done for an older child and certainly for an adult, the nautical theme for the nursery is a perfect surrounding for the newborn.

As new parents will discover, the toddler bed mattress is the same size as the crib mattress.  For that reason, it is wise to select a style and pattern that can be used for a few years.  With a well designed nursery crib set, parents will find they can use the comforter for several years and carry on the theme.  If anything, new fitted sheets and flat sheets may be needed, but it is easy enough to match solid sheets with any of the colors in the comforters.

From the Crib to Toddler Bedding

 As previously mentioned, toddler bed mattresses are the same size as crib mattresses.  For that reason parents can make the transition with ease, using much of the same nautical bedding.


Nautical Toddler Bedding
Nautical Toddler Bedding

As shown in the picture to the right, the nautical bedding decor for the toddler's room is the exact same design as the crib set.

Much of the crib set can be adapted to the toddler's room. A parent who has begun the decor with a newborn can add a few pieces, such as the larger pillow and a bed skirt and easily begin to make the transition from the crib to the bed. In fact, it is far easier to move the bedding from crib to bed than it will be to get the child to sleep in his new bed overnight.

Of course, the toddler will soon be ready to move up to kids bedding.  Parents will love the upgrade because the children will begin to have a voice in the decorations and the design.

Nautical Kids Bedding Can Be Fun!

By the time the parent is ready to decorate the bedroom of the child who is ready to move up from the toddler bed, the little one will begin to have an opinion. He will have watched television and movies and have developed an affinity for specific characters.

While parents may not see the child's choice as being purely nautical, his choices may be related to the sea.  For example, some children may have fallen in love with the idea of becoming a pirate after seeing "Pirates of the Caribbean".  Or, for others Sponge Bob SquarePant may be a favorite undersea adventure.  Selecting either is a slight variation on a theme, but can be used if appropriate accessories are used.

During those early school years children are very opinionated in what they like and what they want.  For the parent who has selected a nautical theme for the general home decor, using the bedding that displays characters can still work with a little effort. 

The idea of decorating with kids nautical bedding is to allow the young one to begin to express himself.  For the kid who is ready to become a pirate or go on an undersea adventure, there are plenty of bedding selections that can please.

Nautical Bedding and Decor for Teens

 Children will eventually outgrow Sponge Bob and Captain Jack Sparrow.  The young teenaged girl may prefer to keep a poster of Johnny Depp dressed in full Captain Jack attire on the wall, but surely she will give up any idea of a character on her comforter.

Parents can transition from cartoons and movie characters by purchasing a bed in a bag ensemble in a more sublime blend of colors or in bold patches of colors.  Again, without anchors and starfish on the sheets and comforters, accessories such as lanterns or trunks can begin to create the theme.  Add a few good selections in linens and leave it to the teen to finish accessorizing.

Some teens, especially those who live near water may decide to hang a fishing net on the wall and sprinkle it with dried starfish.  Or, perhaps the teen will wish to display a shell collection.  But, what is important to remember when decorating the teen's bedroom is to allow them enough freedom to add to the basic bedding selections.

Accessorize with All Things Nautical

As shown above, irregular stripes easiy define the bedding selections for the nautical theme. However, for older teens and adults, the decor is determined more by the accessories than by the bedding design.

One of the best ways to set the room theme is to use paint. In the picture of the adult bedroom at the top of the article, the bedroom is painted in alternating dark blue and white horizontal stripes. That sets the background for the accessories and wall decor. We have been conditioned to accept stripes as a central design in all things nautical.

Once the background has been defined, either with the artistic striped bedroom or with a solid color, it is time to select the bedding. Again, irregular striped bedding, often including a shade of blue is a good selection for the more mature room.  Please note from the examples above, plaid and irregular stripes in almost any color will set the tone for a good nautical theme.

The Bottom Line on Nautical Bedroom Decor

  • Select an appropriate bedding ensemble
  • Decide on the wall color and/or design
  • Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!
  • Have fun!


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    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 

      8 years ago from Kansas

      wow Jenna you outdid yourself on this hub. It is really nicely done. Lots of great information. I never thought that the nautical theme had so much to offer.


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