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Creating a Period Style In A Bathroom

Updated on April 26, 2013

Most of us love to adore antiques. Despite witnessing the latest technologies and the most modern things around, we rarely do away with that classical connection. Those superlative arts, fashion, and structures of the olden times have always been outstanding. Today people seek to possess such masterpieces or largely enjoy replicas in their homes.

Nowadays, decorating home with traditional styles is in a vogue. People just love to doing with Victorian or Edwardian styles in their kitchen, bedroom or even in a bathroom. Since bathroom is a vital place to unwind and relax, it should unmistakably be given fascinating facelifts. If you are truly obsessed with the period styles and want to adorn your existing bathroom with traditional verve, you can actually bring back that charm and grandeur in your bathroom.

Traditional style is known for exquisite designs, gilded finishes, serene colours, and artistic moulding. Starting with bath is a good idea. Since bath is a central-point of any bathroom, it should be chosen wisely. You can opt for freestanding acrylic claw foot baths or roll top baths as they encompass sheer traditional vigour. Options available for such baths are single-ended, double -ended or slipper roll top baths according to your preference. Also bear in mind to choose right feet for these baths as wrong selection will decline the entire appearance.

Further to beautifully complement these baths, taps are another important fixtures. Equip your bath with classically designed freestanding mixer with extended leg set. The elegant chrome or gold finish of this set of mixer can derive perfection to the traditional feel in your whole bathroom. Then for the basin taps, opt for polished chrome or gold plated finish taps having Georgian or Victorian designs. Do not choose the taps with sharp angles or straight edging as they more belong to modern fashion. You can easily get hold of all the traditional fixtures at any high street bathroom store or from online retailers.

A bathroom is never complete without important fixtures such as toilet, basin and mirrors. Fortunately they too do a great job in augmenting traditional style in a bathroom. As with your bath, you can spend small fortune on a basin as well. A basin made up of marble or natural stone with gloss ceramic finish and most importantly a stainless steel or chrome washstand is truly going to be timeless. Be sure to perfectly choose the period taps for the basin such as having elegant designs accentuating the traditional feel with adorable gold or chrome finish.

If your bathroom is at the smaller end of the scale, you should opt for wall-hung basin. And the immediate space beneath the basin can be utilized by affixing a console as it won’t claim much space in your bathroom. Especially that wooden bathroom cabinet with double door options can go well with it creating olden vibe. Then there is a toilet which can be pressed into period styles with high level toilet and flush pull system. A Wooden toilet seat is another component incorporating a periodic look. Bear in mind to never overlook a toilet whenever it comes to creating a traditional-style bathroom because it certainly adds to overall ambience.

In the midst of all this, mirrors are too perfect accessories to decorate a bathroom with. With their floral or swirly patterns of the frames having gold, silver or bronze metallic colours would be great in achieving a periodic stylish. Getting the right towel ring or radiator is also an important decision. For them chrome or cast iron finish is a better option. Moreover light fitting can be put to good vintage décor as well. Especially Tiffany types of lamps are best to reflect antique style. And complementing the central light with light pull fixtures is really an effective way of creating a classical environment in your bathroom.

Today most people opt for more decorative tiles for both the floor and wall. Whilst during yesteryears, the walls tended to be painted or plastered and usually done with decorative panelling. And floorboards were just as in vogue. However making a wall colour antique green, pretty pink or marine blues can bring Vintage elegance to your wall. For more information on bathroom products visit


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    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very useful. Our bathroom is quite spacious and I've been looking for ideas to make it look interesting.