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Creative & Affordable Home Decoration for Cozy 2014 Thanksgiving

Updated on November 21, 2014

Decorate Thanksgiving for Coziness & Harvest & Gratitude

Thanksgiving is just coming. It is the perfect time of the year for friends and family get-together to give thanks. There is a need to decorate home for this special holiday, though immediately after the Halloween, shelves in the stores are updated with decorations for Christmas. Thanksgiving is a holiday in the autumn. It is about a time of harvest. Tough there is a slight chill in the air, it is still not very cold and we can decorate our home to the theme of coziness, harvest and gratitude. There are more decorations that we can use for Thanksgiving, from mantel displays, centerpieces, wreaths, natural materials of maple leaves, corns, pumpkins, to DIY decorations, holiday lights, etc. All we need to do is to come up with creative decoration ideas. We do not have to spend too much for Thanksgiving day. Try out these ideas for easy and appealing decorations for our home during Thanksgiving.

Front Porch Decoration for Thanksgiving

It’s November. Though there is a slight chill in the air, it is the Fall season. Front porch decoration shall not end with Halloween. Create a sense of warmth and theme of the harvest autumn for the visitors. Do a front porch decorations to welcome the holiday and the guests. Autumn actually gives us a lot of gifts, wreaths, pumpkins, leaves, twigs, dried corn stalks and a lot of other natural materials that look great. We can decorate our front porch by combining all of those things that symbolize Autumn.

Tie two bundles of leaves, branches or dried stalks with twine and frame the door with them or place them in pots, accent them with seasonal flowers - all of which may just make a difference.

A Thanksgiving garland or wreath would also be great additions to the porch decor. All we need is to make right choice of the mix and match. Match all the decorations with the color of the autumn and the theme of harvest. The use of natural resources will not cost more actually, yet still create a rustic feel and that will warmly greet our visitors when they come to our house.

Table Decoration for Thanksgiving

The main element of any thanksgiving day is a holiday table. It should be nicely decorated of course, because on that special day, family and friends gather together at the table for tasty turkey. We need to well decorate it so as to leave a good impression on the guest. It is autumn, and we can still make the best use of natural resources such as flowers, colored leaves, fruits, vegetables, and everything that says about harvest in the season. Make a beautiful centerpiece on the table with the autumn resources and candles. Besides, accent the turkey with some nice small accessories. Decorate the table nicely and that can even boost taste of the guests.

Light Decor for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving decoration can not be perfect without any decorative lights. Why not add a bit flair to this holiday by using various holiday lights or lights that can express the vibrancy of the autumn? There are various lights that can be used for creating warmth and ignite the cozy atmosphere of the Thanksgiving night, from branch lights, string lights, candles, etc. Or we can choose to DIY some lighting with fairy lights and natural resources that go well with the autumn theme or use the Christmas string lights and tree light which can be used to lighten up the house, garden or front yard till the Christmas season.

Natural Twig Branch Light

Decorate the home with a LED natural twig branch light, which can just create a rustic feel. The branch light can be placed in living room or table.

It is about the autumn, with the glow just adding a bit of life to the dried branch. We can add some more natural leaves of different colors to make it more vivid.

Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Mason jar fairy lights are very light decorations for various occasions and holidays. The mason jar lights are fantastic for they can create an appearance of fireflies in the jar. We can actually DIY the mason jar, with a bottle and some LED string lights. Add some maple into the lights to mimic the hue of autumn and place the light on the table as the centerpiece or hang it from ceilings.

Heart Shaped String Lights

Thanksgiving is a time to express thanks and still say love to family members. Get some LED string lights of heart shape. Use it as centerpieces on the dinner table and make the dinner more romantic.


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